Monday, September 10, 2012


Friday evening my mom, niece and nephew came into town.  After Dane explained to Granny who every lego man he owns was my mom and I left the crew at my house with Kevin and went to 
Don Julio's for an evening of quality time. 
We got all caught up and had some laughs before heading back to the house to crash.  
Most of these pics are from my cell phone... I need to do a cell phone dump soon.
Saturday we hung out before Dane's soccer game that morning.  And then cheered and cheered for the little man and his team.  It was so hot.  UGH. So so so hot. We would get a nice breeze occasionally, but that sun is pretty brutal.  We were looking oh so cute by the end of the game.  
No other way to celebrate my mom being in town, and of course a great game by the little man but with some Mexican food from Gringos. After lunch we sent the boys home and us girls went to the new Charming Charlies that just opened up in Cypress.  I LOVE that store. It is the neatest store, and has the cutest stuff.  I would love to have a shopping spree in there. **HINT HINT
We look pretty rough in this picture because we went straight to Gringos from the game, and we were so hot and sweaty. But, it's the only one I got of all of us.  And Dane wasn't cooperating. 
Then the fam had to leave, and we headed over to the Gonzalez house to celebrate Zach's 7th birthday.  Dane was so excited that we bought Zach legos, and couldn't contain himself and ended up telling him about 5 minutes of being there what the present was. Hilarious. Then we found out Zach had talked Sophie into telling him what she had gotten him too.  Kids are so funny. 

Gabe and Christy were nice enough to let the Aggie game be on while the party was going on.  Nice gesture from those longhorn fans! :) 
You can tell when it's football season... everyone is gathered around the tv
Watching the Aggie game while eating birthday cake and ice cream...what could be better??
Dane was so stoked when he got his party favor and it was a little package of legos.  Like the kid was beyond thrilled, and immediately wanted to put together his police car. Obsessed is the only word I can think of to describe his love for legos. 
Our expectations are really low this year for our Aggies. They have a freshman starting as a quarterback.  New to a really hard conference, and brand new coach. So, we know it's going to be a rough season and probably painful. 
But, it was still really sad when the Aggies couldn't pull out the win Saturday.  It looked like maybe they might be able to win, but they came up a little short.  

I made Kevin give me his best sad face! HaHa
We had fun hanging out at the party and enjoyed watching the game. 
Saturday was also the 7th anniversary of Kevin proposing to me.  My how time flies! So, we celebrated by buying me some new fall boots! :) Now I just wish fall weather would get here and we would be set!

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