Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gonna party like it's your birthday

We have a birthday boy in the house.  Dane had it all figured out what he wanted to do to celebrate his daddy's birthday.  He told me that we had to get balloons, and we had to decorate for his "party", and then he wanted to hide in the pantry and jump out and yell SURPRISE when Kevin got home from work.  He also mentioned he wanted to help blow out the candles, and eat a lot of cake.  I told him I thought we could handle that.  So, that morning we ventured off to go buy some balloons and streamers and Kevin's cookie cake.  Dane came across party hats, and was pretty sure we needed that too.  
So, we decorated the kitchen with streamers and balloons and waited patiently till Kevin got home from work.  We had to add a little thing called a seafood dinner after surprising him and before doing cake and presents.  Dane was a little annoyed that that was part of the plan, because he was really wanting to dig into the cookie cake.  Kevin has wanted to try out a seafood restaurant, Red Fish Grill near our house for a long time, so what perfect time than his birthday.  The food was delicious!! Kevin had a red fish platter with some grilled shrimp, and a crab thingy hand roll and he thought it was all great.  He was really impressed with the food.  I had the best  filet mignon I've ever had with a sauce on it that I could have just drank.  It was sooooooo yummy.  Dane had dinner beforehand. Ha The kids menu didn't look like anything he would really eat.  We enjoyed Kevin's birthday dinner, and then came home to eat cake and open presents.  I think Kevin had a good birthday with the Renaissance festival the wknd before, a little surprise when he got home, a good birthday meal etc.  

While we were out running errands I almost picked up wrapping paper, but was pretty sure I had just some plain happy birthday paper.  Got home to find no paper but little boy paper.  Ha So, Kevin's presents were wrapped in cars and dump truck paper!

We had a little music playing when we got home thanks to Dane playing on my phone... Kevin showing how much of a white boy he really is.  Hilarious

I didn't want to burn the house down with all the candles needed for Kevin this year... so we settled with just the first number of his age... 3

It was so funny when he was opening up his presents... Dane said "I'm not going to tell you what is in there, because it's a secret" and Kevin of course in his sarcastic tone... "Yeah, don't tell me, I have N-O-O-O-O idea what could possibly be in here".  hmmm... what gave it away?? maybe the shirt boxes?? haha
If you say 1000000 times that you aren't wanting or needing anything, and all you want is seafood then you may just end up with a couple new shirts.  :)

Happy Birthday My Love!

And just a funny:
This evening when it was close to Dane's bed time he asked "is it still Daddy's birthday?"
I said yes.  He sighed, and said "well, tomorrow is Halloween then it is my birthday!!!!!!"
I said no and before I could say anything else he chimes in with his most  annoyed voice while rolling his eyes "oh yeah, I forgot about Thanksgiving" with a big sigh
I cracked up.  I told him we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, then his birthday. 
Sadly enough his birthday is right around the corner.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween events

Sunday we went to our church Fall festival.  Once we got there we had a good time, and Dane had a blast, but we had a manic slight meltdown leading up to actually going to the festival.  We were pretty close to not even going. Just keeping it real. As it was time to head out Dane decided that he hated his new costume, and didn't want to wear it.  Said the back hurt him... I took the tag out and had him wear a shirt underneath to try and fix that problem.  But, then it was the mask and the whole thing started going down hill, and ended with Dane sitting on the stairs crying saying he doesn't like his family because his family is ugly to him.  (Hello brattyness, welcome back!) All we could was laugh, because clearly he was tired and having an emotional moment.  Almost felt like we had a teenage girl sitting on our steps.  Once we figured out his feelings were hurt, I negotiated a deal with him that if he wore it that evening, only had to wear the mask for a quick picture, he could wear whatever costume he already has to his school Halloween party on Wednesday.  He was dead set on wearing his Batman cape and mask to the festival, but we didn't have time to figure out what to wear underneath  to the festival and yada yada.  Some battles just aren't worth fighting.  He took us up on the deal, got in the car with his new costume on and we were set.
  So, we will see how this whole Halloween fiasco plays out.  

So, anyway by the time we got into our car we were all frustrated.  We weren't sure if we should even go.  Halfway there I looked at Kevin and said ok, we need to put on our happy faces and fake this.  Ha 
But, by the time we pulled into the parking lot we were all ok, and then Dane forgot about his costume woes.  His mood changed and he really had a blast at the festival.  
 Our church put on a great festival this year.  There was lots for the kids to do including bouncey houses, obstacle courses, an inflatable thingy to climb through, a real rock wall to climb, lots of food, entertainment and music and probably 50 cars set up for the kids to do games while trunk or treating.  Dane had fun and got lots of candy, and got to hang out with his buddies Mason and Carsen.  

Meet our storm trooper. love the arm on the hip action :)

The trunks were all decorated so cute.  They did a good job with that.  I didn't get many pictures of the trunk and treat because the sun was really bright.
Dane loved the obstacle course inflatable. 

Dane was really excited to see his buddy Mason, and get to hang out with him for a while waiting in line to do the inflatables.  These boys got extremely hyper and crazy, they were both so excited to play with each other.  

We also ran into our friend Carsen. They had a long conversation about Carsen's costume, and I learned all about transformers.  They had a blast going through the obstacle course together. 

Dane waving bye as he pulled away on the trackless train.  With that smile you would never know the the kid cried a whole ocean of tears before arriving at the festival.  I guess he was pretty good at "faking" it.  

Just a couple more days of October.  We have Kevin's birthday and then Halloween, and then it's hello November.  This year has flown by.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Renaissance Festival

We had a fabulous weekend, I'm sad that the fun has come to an end.  We actually got some Fall weather, and it has been wonderful.  Friday evening we embraced the cold by going to our favorite Cajun place and filling our bellies with gumbo.  YUMMY.  It was low key evening which ended with some wine and recorded shows while lounging in comfy pants and warm fuzzy socks.  It was a good relaxing evening.  Saturday morning we had Dane's soccer game, and then headed to the Renaissance Festival shortly after.  This is what Kevin wanted to do to celebrate his birthday this year.  It had been many years since we had been.  Kevin is really so easy to please.  Never wants anything fancy...usually just wants to go somewhere fun and get his seafood fix.  Tuesday is his actual birthday, so his celebration will continue until then.  
We had a blast at the festival.  The weather was PERFECT, couldn't have been any better.  We did it all, and spent the entire day there.  We watched some shows, saw the knights do the jousting competitions, played games, ate some really good food that included turkey legs and funnel cakes, walked around looking at everything, rode a couple rides, and did a lot of people watching.  People go all out for this festival.  It's crazy some of the costumes that you see, and the people really take this whole thing pretty seriously.  We had a great family day.  We got home just in time to watch the Aggies spank Auburn, which obviously made for a good ending to the day.  
Sunday we went to a Halloween festival... more on that later. 
Dane wanted to get his face painted... he chose a Batman mask. 

Hmmm...turkey legs.  They were soooo good.  

There were a lot of crazy looking people with some elaborate costumes.

Dane has forgotten how to smile... below is his newest smile... it's so weird.  He does it every single time we tell him to smile. Fake Fake Fake.  I prefer his real smile, the one he does when it's natural and we aren't telling him to smile. 

Renaissance brings out the freaky people as well.  This person/fairy thingy was just hanging out in a tall tree.  Just chilling, like it was normal.  It's like he/she was like oh I think I will go to the festival and just hang out in a tree. No big deal. 
Shrek and Fiona were in attendance
Dane refused to get in the picture with them because he said they weren't the real Shrek and Fiona, as he rolled his eyes.  Too bad the girl that took the picture couldn't get Shrek's head in the picture...

Dane normally isn't really into petting zoos, usually refuses to touch animals.  But, he was all about this baby goat.  We had to pick him up and drag him out of the pin... odd side for the little man.  It was a cute little goat.  Dane sat there with him the whole time, never going to the other animals. 

I was a little disappointed with the face paint... By the end of the afternoon it was already starting to crack and peel off.  It was a little pricey to not stay on the whole day. 
See there it is again.. the fake smile/weird thing he does with his top lip and teeth. 

My knight and shining armor... love this little dude