Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gonna party like it's your birthday

We have a birthday boy in the house.  Dane had it all figured out what he wanted to do to celebrate his daddy's birthday.  He told me that we had to get balloons, and we had to decorate for his "party", and then he wanted to hide in the pantry and jump out and yell SURPRISE when Kevin got home from work.  He also mentioned he wanted to help blow out the candles, and eat a lot of cake.  I told him I thought we could handle that.  So, that morning we ventured off to go buy some balloons and streamers and Kevin's cookie cake.  Dane came across party hats, and was pretty sure we needed that too.  
So, we decorated the kitchen with streamers and balloons and waited patiently till Kevin got home from work.  We had to add a little thing called a seafood dinner after surprising him and before doing cake and presents.  Dane was a little annoyed that that was part of the plan, because he was really wanting to dig into the cookie cake.  Kevin has wanted to try out a seafood restaurant, Red Fish Grill near our house for a long time, so what perfect time than his birthday.  The food was delicious!! Kevin had a red fish platter with some grilled shrimp, and a crab thingy hand roll and he thought it was all great.  He was really impressed with the food.  I had the best  filet mignon I've ever had with a sauce on it that I could have just drank.  It was sooooooo yummy.  Dane had dinner beforehand. Ha The kids menu didn't look like anything he would really eat.  We enjoyed Kevin's birthday dinner, and then came home to eat cake and open presents.  I think Kevin had a good birthday with the Renaissance festival the wknd before, a little surprise when he got home, a good birthday meal etc.  

While we were out running errands I almost picked up wrapping paper, but was pretty sure I had just some plain happy birthday paper.  Got home to find no paper but little boy paper.  Ha So, Kevin's presents were wrapped in cars and dump truck paper!

We had a little music playing when we got home thanks to Dane playing on my phone... Kevin showing how much of a white boy he really is.  Hilarious

I didn't want to burn the house down with all the candles needed for Kevin this year... so we settled with just the first number of his age... 3

It was so funny when he was opening up his presents... Dane said "I'm not going to tell you what is in there, because it's a secret" and Kevin of course in his sarcastic tone... "Yeah, don't tell me, I have N-O-O-O-O idea what could possibly be in here".  hmmm... what gave it away?? maybe the shirt boxes?? haha
If you say 1000000 times that you aren't wanting or needing anything, and all you want is seafood then you may just end up with a couple new shirts.  :)

Happy Birthday My Love!

And just a funny:
This evening when it was close to Dane's bed time he asked "is it still Daddy's birthday?"
I said yes.  He sighed, and said "well, tomorrow is Halloween then it is my birthday!!!!!!"
I said no and before I could say anything else he chimes in with his most  annoyed voice while rolling his eyes "oh yeah, I forgot about Thanksgiving" with a big sigh
I cracked up.  I told him we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, then his birthday. 
Sadly enough his birthday is right around the corner.  

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mackyton said...

Such fabulous birthday party! Literally just so much cuteness was there in this bash. I enjoyed watching all of these photos. Our son recently turned 7 so we also hosted a Mickey Mouse themed party for him at the rental event space in Chicago. It also was very fun and enjoyable.