Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween events

Sunday we went to our church Fall festival.  Once we got there we had a good time, and Dane had a blast, but we had a manic slight meltdown leading up to actually going to the festival.  We were pretty close to not even going. Just keeping it real. As it was time to head out Dane decided that he hated his new costume, and didn't want to wear it.  Said the back hurt him... I took the tag out and had him wear a shirt underneath to try and fix that problem.  But, then it was the mask and the whole thing started going down hill, and ended with Dane sitting on the stairs crying saying he doesn't like his family because his family is ugly to him.  (Hello brattyness, welcome back!) All we could was laugh, because clearly he was tired and having an emotional moment.  Almost felt like we had a teenage girl sitting on our steps.  Once we figured out his feelings were hurt, I negotiated a deal with him that if he wore it that evening, only had to wear the mask for a quick picture, he could wear whatever costume he already has to his school Halloween party on Wednesday.  He was dead set on wearing his Batman cape and mask to the festival, but we didn't have time to figure out what to wear underneath  to the festival and yada yada.  Some battles just aren't worth fighting.  He took us up on the deal, got in the car with his new costume on and we were set.
  So, we will see how this whole Halloween fiasco plays out.  

So, anyway by the time we got into our car we were all frustrated.  We weren't sure if we should even go.  Halfway there I looked at Kevin and said ok, we need to put on our happy faces and fake this.  Ha 
But, by the time we pulled into the parking lot we were all ok, and then Dane forgot about his costume woes.  His mood changed and he really had a blast at the festival.  
 Our church put on a great festival this year.  There was lots for the kids to do including bouncey houses, obstacle courses, an inflatable thingy to climb through, a real rock wall to climb, lots of food, entertainment and music and probably 50 cars set up for the kids to do games while trunk or treating.  Dane had fun and got lots of candy, and got to hang out with his buddies Mason and Carsen.  

Meet our storm trooper. love the arm on the hip action :)

The trunks were all decorated so cute.  They did a good job with that.  I didn't get many pictures of the trunk and treat because the sun was really bright.
Dane loved the obstacle course inflatable. 

Dane was really excited to see his buddy Mason, and get to hang out with him for a while waiting in line to do the inflatables.  These boys got extremely hyper and crazy, they were both so excited to play with each other.  

We also ran into our friend Carsen. They had a long conversation about Carsen's costume, and I learned all about transformers.  They had a blast going through the obstacle course together. 

Dane waving bye as he pulled away on the trackless train.  With that smile you would never know the the kid cried a whole ocean of tears before arriving at the festival.  I guess he was pretty good at "faking" it.  

Just a couple more days of October.  We have Kevin's birthday and then Halloween, and then it's hello November.  This year has flown by.  

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