Thursday, October 11, 2012

it got me again

It's been a great day today.  A really really good day. And I'm thankful for that.  I was off from work which is always a good thing. But, today has just been one of those days that has left me sighing a good sigh, feeling relaxed, and just really enjoying the small things. 

 Usually by Thursday I'm so ready for the week to be over, and I'm looking forward to the weekend.  I have some fun stuff happening this weekend, but I'm not looking forward to Saturday morning.  This girl's alarm clock will be going off at 4AM, and will have to work Saturday morning. UGH. Huge bummer.  I'm hoping that we can knock out all the patients we are treating quickly, and clock out in enough time to still be able to enjoy the day.

So my day started off with me feeling a knee in my back, and rolling over and seeing little man crashed out in my spot of the bed.  I realize that I was in Kevin's spot, Kevin was M.I.A, and it was still dark outside.  I fall back asleep and woke up around 7:15 (which is great) with a little person kissing my cheek.  
I asked Dane "what happened last night"??. 
He seemed just as confused as I was, and responded by saying "I don't know, mommy.  But, I thought I was laying next to daddy. But, then I saw your hair". Hilarious. WHAT ON EARTH?? It's like we didn't remember anything from the night before.  Kevin had open house last night, Dane got to hang out at Mrs Christy's house after school til I got there from work.  By the time we got home it was after 7.  Threw a frozen pizza in the oven.  Yes, I know not a great dinner.  But, it was late and we were starving and exhausted.  Dane and I were sitting in my bed, and he had been told he could watch 1 cartoon then it was bed time.  Next thing I know it's the next day.  It's like we passed out.  Kevin said he got home around 8:30, all the lights were on, the tv was blaring, and Dane and I were out cold. So, poor thing slept in the guest room.  

Anyway, Dane and I got up and ate breakfast before taking him to his school.  Normally on my days off during the week I don't send him to school because I feel just too much mommy guilt. So, usually he only goes 4 days a week, and then he is with me on my day off.   But, today I was desperate to get my hair cut and highlighted.  It was looking pretty rough.  My weekend is packed, and I just can't wait another week to get it done.  So, I sent him for a couple hours.  I was feeling a little guilty until Dane told me he WAS SO EXCITED that I was bringing him and picking him up from his school.  Kevin is normally the one who takes him and picks him up, so I don't get to do it very often.  But, Dane was STOKED that I was going to bring him.  So, it really made me happy to bring him, which sounds kind of weird.  Who knew that something so silly would make Dane's heart so happy.  

After my hair appointment I went back and picked Dane up and we headed to the movie theater.  We saw Hotel Transylvania.  It was a cute cute cute Halloween movie.  Dane loved it, and was happy that we were on a "date".  Of course, we overdosed on popcorn and fountain drinks.  

So, yall I have a problem... with photo booths.  I'm addicted.   Dane saw it and wanted to do it again... and I just can't say no.  I have a serious problem and need counseling. Ha They are just too much fun.  Maybe this will be one of those silly details that Dane remembers about our movie dates when he is older... that we always ended up in the photo booth.  I'm crazy.  But, I love those stupid things.  

** and you will notice Dane's nose is torn up in these pics from my cell.  We had a little "incident" at school couple days ago, which ended with a fight between Dane and a water drain.  The drain won.  It looks much better than it did.  The first day the whole nose looked bruised, and the tip of the nose looked swollen. Never a dull moment. 

We have ended the day with lounging on the couch, a movie on the tv, some wine and some relaxation. 

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