Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh, Baby

Dane and I went to Dallas early Sunday morning to hang out with Tabitha and Gage and meet their newest addition, sweet Lillian Reed.  We left at the crack of dawn so we could spend as much time as we could.  I can't even tell you how excited Dane was to go to Gage's house.  And I was just as pumped to meet this 10 day old sweet thing.  I might have been a huge baby hog, and I might have seriously held Lillian the entire time I was there.  Tabitha would have to pry her from my hands to feed her.  Ha 
She was sooooo cute, and perfect, and just a little sweet cuddle bug.  You forget how tiny newborns are.  It's hard to remember Dane being so little.  I just couldn't hold her enough.  I might have gotten a little baby fever.  eeekkk.  We spent the entire time vegging out watching tv, relaxing while the boys had the time of their lives in the playroom.  Chad was sweet enough to go get us food occasionally in between football games.  Gage is super cute with his little sister.  He walks up to her at times and will rub her head, and give her a kiss.  And when she starts crying he will run from wherever he was to see why she was upset.  The only time I saw her crying was when it was time to eat.  She is a very content baby.  And did I mention soooooo cute??? Oh my goodness. So cute. 
It was good to hang out with Tabitha, and see the baby.  Dane had such a good time with Gage.  They played so well together and had a blast. I hated to leave because they were having such a good time together.  
All my pictures I took with my cell phone while holding Lillian.  I didn't even put her down long enough to take pictures of her with my phone. I should have taken a minute and gotten my real camera to get some good shots of her, but we were all so relaxed and comfy that I didn't.  Shame on me.  I'm telling yall that I seriously had her attached to my arms.  I felt like a little kid in a candy store.  

So, you would think that Gage would be the one that was a little jealous of Lillian.  But, he isn't in the least.  But, you know who is super jealous/possessive of the baby... um how about Chloe.
Chloe is Tabitha's girl taco bell dog.  She has 2 chiwawas, one female and one male.  Carlos, the male could care less about the baby.  But, Chloe was on the verge of needing prozac.  Not even kidding.  When I was holding Lilly, which was the entire time I was there, Chloe would force herself right next to my hip.  Or she would jump on my lap.  Everyone knows I'm not a dog person, so you know I'm not putting off the vibe that I want to be close to the dog.  But, she was right there at all times.  If Tabitha was holding the baby or if the baby was on the coach then Chloe would sit in between me and the baby  so I couldn't get to her. It was hilarious and crazy at the same time.  She is taking this new addition a little hard.  HAHA

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