Monday, October 15, 2012

oh, just another soccer game...

My weekend is over. Womp Womp.  
I was off work today, so my work week starts tomorrow.  BOOOO. 
I had a busy busy weekend.  It was filled with work, a soccer game, a Halloween festival, and a quick trip to Dallas.  I'm not looking forward to my work schedule this week, but I had a good weekend for the books.  

So, Saturday morning I had to work. It's never fun to have to work on a day that you aren't suppose to be working, but what can you do. We got to work at about 4:50 AM and had about 27 patients that had to be treated. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it to Dane's soccer game or not, but we rocked it out and were done by 9:00.   Everything went smooth, the patients all showed up on time if not early, and we finished in plenty of time for me to go home and change before heading to the soccer field.  Dane missed his last game because he was sick, and missed this weeks practice so we weren't sure how he would do this weekend.   

This week was all about the intimidation factor, and making your best "mean" face.  Ha Every time we turned around Dane was making these crazy mean faces while on the field. He is seriously a riot out there on the field.  He is just a ham all the time. All we can do along with everyone else on the sidelines is just laugh. There is no point in getting frustrated with him.  He is who he is. We have to embrace it. HAHA. He is funny, even when he isn't trying to be.

  Dane played good the first half, which is all we can hope for.  He really is a first half player, then he loses interest.  I'm not sure if that is an age thing, or that he just gets bored after the first half, or if soccer just isn't his thing.  Which is fine by the way.  He runs hard, tries to get the ball, and has some good runs with the ball this first half.  All of his goals have come from the first half in every game.  Then the second half comes around and he gets distracted by his shadow, the binoculars comes out, and his silliness takes over.  

Y'all the shadow thing is crazy.  I just have to talk about this for a second.  Seriously, the shadow will get him EVERY TIME!! The second he sees his shadow he immediately will start making funny shapes, tries to out run it, and will put on a free shadow show.  It's crazy, and a little frustrating at the games.  I mean seriously it has gotten to the point that parents will crack up when the shadow comes out, the coach will tell him to stop looking at his shadow and look at the ball, and you catch yourself screaming "stop messing with your shadow all ready".  It's so funny, but what the heck dude.  Can we just play his games at night time?? Is that possible?  I need to take pictures or video him with his shadow... because it's hilarious.  
Anyway, here is some pics from game 7.  
3 more to go guys, 3 more to go. 

oh, and we got his soccer pics back... and they are cute!! I'll have Kevin scan them soon, so I can put them on my blog.  I'm happy with how they turned out, which is good since I wasn't around and had no idea if he smiled or not.  He did, and he looks cute.  Don't worry Grandma and Granny... I have a picture for yall to put in a frame. :)

Next up.... Halloween festival with the Gonzalaz familia that was a HUGE let down.  

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