Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oil Ranch

Nothing says Fall like an afternoon at a pumpkin patch in late October in 90 degree weather.  Seriously, when are we going to get some Fall weather??? Like REAL fall weather???   I have 3 new scarves and a pair of boots dying to come out of my closet to play.  Rumor has it it is suppose to be really nice this weekend...fingers crossed. 

Ok, so Sunday we spent most of the day at a ranch doing some fun fall stuff.  We went to the Oil Ranch that is pretty close to our house for some pumpkin patch fun.  
We had the best time. We spent several hours there doing all the fun stuff they had to offer.  Despite the fact that it was 90 degrees and it was like we were sitting in a sauna, we really had a good family day.  And I took about 300 pictures to prove it. Picture overload ahead... 
Y'all it was hot.  From the second we stepped out of Kevin's truck we were looking like a sweaty hot mess.  I had dressed Dane in a cute button up shirt, and after seeing him Kevin told me he thought he looked cute, but he was going to be extremely hot. At first I disagreed, thought the shirt was thin enough and that he would be fine.  But, I had a little person in my mind telling me that Kevin was going to be right, and I needed to throw a t-shirt in my bag just in case.  Sure enough 'ol boy was right on.  It was stinking hot.  Um, hello fall. Anytime you get ready to pay us a visit will not be soon enough!

ok, so let's just get to the pictures... that's what you want to see anyway, right?

Oil Ranch...

There was a patch full of little pumpkins.  All the kids got one for free to take home.  Dane picked out his favorite one.  We told him we would come back and get it when we were leaving so we didn't have to carry it the whole day.  He was very concerned that someone was going to get "his" pumpkin.  We assured him it would still be there when we came back.  Funny thing... when we were leaving we picked up about 4 or 5 before finding "his" pumpkin that he had picked out before. He kept telling us that the ones we would pick up were not it.  He was pretty sure that he remembered exactly what it looked like, and knew which one was "his".  Hilarious considering they are all the same size and all look exactly the same.  

Dane's favorite part of the whole day was the hay maze.  Unlike the Zomball in Tomball, the Oil Ranch had an actual maze built out of barrels of hay.  It was pretty big, had lots of paths, dead ends, and was PERFECT for hiding and seeking.  Dane loved it, and we played in it for a long time before doing anything else.  And then at the end of the day spent more time in it.  It was the highlight of the day for sure.  Dane thought it was so much fun.  There were actually several times that we "lost" Dane in the maze because he wasn't tall enough to be seen in parts.  It didn't take long though after playing in the maze and running all around to see that Kevin was right and that Dane's shirt was too hot for the day.  He was a sweaty sweaty red faced mess. 

Dane got to have his very first horse ride.  Well, it was a pony but same thing in Dane's mind.  
He liked it, but was disappointed that the horse didn't run while he was on it.  He kept asking me why the horse didn't run and jump over stuff, because he wanted to do that.  Guess it was a little too slow paced for the little dude. 

The boys got to shoot a gun and shoot some "ducks" and some targets.  Grandpa would be so proud!  He had to have a little help because the gun was pretty heavy and to make sure that the gun was only pointed at the targets and not the worker.  He loved every minute of it.  I asked what they were shooting with meaning bullets or pellets or paint balls etc and the worker told me that they were using ingredients that makes gummy bears... um ok.  Whatever.  They had 100 shots and hit the fake ducks several times, and hit a lot of the targets.  I think Kevin had as much fun as Dane did.  They both loved it!

We took a train ride around the property.  It was relaxing, and gave us some time to enjoy the shade and breeze.  

This next picture I think is just too cool.  We went through a dark tunnel a couple times while on the train, and the 2nd time I took a picture.  I really expected it to be all black because I didn't have my flash on.  I'm not even sure why I took a picture, because I really didn't think you would see anything.  But when I was loading the pictures to the computer I saw this.  It looks like the tunnel wasn't pitch black.  But it was.  And I had forgotten that his t-shirt was glow in the dark.  I was shocked to see the glow in the dark skeletons, and wondering if the shirt  caused the picture to look like it wasn't pitch black.  So weird.  But cool. 

We did it all at the ranch. Took our time walking around, and wore ourselves out.  Dane got to bounce in a bouncy house, played at the tee-pee, did some swinging saw animals etc etc


Dane almost milked a cow.  He was all about it until we got to the cow, and he saw what he was going to have to touch.  Then he was like um, no thanks.  Yeah, don't blame you buddy.  Kevin did it, and I think it grossed out the little man.  He was like nah, I'm good.  Ha

After we spent several hours at the ranch we ended up back in the maze for our big finale.  Dane really could have stayed in that thing all day if we had let him.  He was all about it.  
But, let me just tell you ow how sweaty and filthy he was.  It was crazy.  And disgusting. 

We ended the day with finding Dane's pumpkin.  You can see in the next couple pics how filthy Dane was.  These pics really don't do it justice.  His arms and legs were black.  When we took off his socks his feet looked so white next to his dirty legs.  We had to do some major scrubbing to get him clean.
But, I would say that that the Oil Ranch was a success.  We left worn out, filthy, so sweaty but feeling like great memories were made.  It was a great thing to do to enjoy the beginning of our "fall".  

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