Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday we meet again

Another week has come and gone.  It was a stressful week for me, and as always I was looking forward to the weekend.  I have an extra day off this coming week from work, so looking forward to that as well.  We had a good weekend, I'm sad that it is coming to an end.  They just go by too fast.  

Saturday morning it was in the high 50's, and we actually got to wear long sleeves to Dane's soccer game.  By the time the game was over it was hot again, but it was nice while it lasted.  Is it bad that I'm really ready for the soccer season to be over?? 2 more games to go!!! I guess since last year he only played 6 games, and this year he has 10 games the season just feels really long.  I enjoy Dane being in extracurricular activities, but it will be nice when we can get a little break on Saturday mornings.  This week we played a team that had no players interested in really playing the game.  So, we dominated, probably scored 25 times,  and the game seemed to take forever.  Their coach had trouble getting kids on the field so a lot of time was spent with our little dudes just waiting on the field.    

We got home in plenty of time to watch the Aggies play.  During the commercials, I put my Betty Crocker skills to work and made some fun Halloween treats.  I can't take credit for any of them... got all these ideas from pinterest.  Love that website!! 
Monster Munch.  Soooooo good, and addicting.  I used popcorn, peanuts, candy corn and m&ms with melted white chocolate over it.  Very easy to make, and such a yummy treat.  

Ghost nutterbutters. Again, extremely easy and super cute

Mummy cookies.  They didn't turn out as cute as the pinterest pictures, but Dane thought they were a hit.

And spider cookies.  How cute are these?? 
So easy, but a fun little treat to celebrate Halloween.

Our Aggies didn't pull out a win.  :(  
They did good though considering they played LSU who was ranked 5th.  We were expecting a lost, but it's always disappointing when you feel like they could have won, and didn't.  A&M needs a new kicker... but let's not go there.  But, we can't complain.  We knew this season would be tough, and they are actually doing much better so far than expected.  Kevin isn't throwing stuff at the tv, so I would say this season has gone better.  Ha

Dane is such a riot.  I told him to smile for the camera since he was decked out in his Aggie gear, and after he gave me one good shot, he got down like the picture below and said "How about this? You want a picture like this?" Sure buddy.  

And of course, he overdosed on sugar while watching our Aggies play.  He needed to make sure my treats were ok.  
Dane with his mummy cookie...

Just a little kiss for his friend...

Ahh he is soooo scared

Told me he was going to eat his face off. Nice.

I believe this is mummy #2

His scary face!! ROOOOAAAAARRRR

Saturday night we were graced by the Gonzalez clan's presence.  We hung out and watched the UT game... Ha ok.  Well, Gabe and Kevin watched it while me and Christy hung out in the kitchen.  UT played Baylor, and evidently neither team had their defense show up.  :)  It was a high scoring game from what I was told from the other room.  
The kids ran around like crazy maniacs.  Seriously, I think when those 3 get together someone slips them speed with out us knowing, because they get loud and crazy.  And then even louder and crazier as the evening goes on. The costumes always comes out, and it is usually the funniest thing ever! 
As you can see we got Fire super girl, with vintage shorts (Kevin's superman shorts from when he was like 3), Batman's sidekick Robin, and then Mr October, I mean Mr construction guy with his abs poking out his vest.  

I don't know what it is about this little truck,  but Zach and Sophie LO-VE this thing.  Dane hardly plays with it anymore besides climbing on it and jumping to the couch or floor.  But, when the Gonzalez kids are here this thing gets a lot of play.  And little Miss Sophie is all into posing now for the camera.  Little diva in the making.  

And thats our Saturday....

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