Saturday, October 27, 2012

One more to go

We froze our bootays off Saturday morning at Dane's 9th soccer game.  Yes, 9th.. one more to go!! woohoo! Ha  Is it bad I'm soooo ready for the season to be over?? I'm just over it.  That sounds so negative, but I'm really just over it. I can't help it.  Maybe because the last 3 games including todays Dane hasn't shown much interest, and so the whole games are spent with us encouraging him to play, and begging, and threatening, and bribing, and pulling out tricks and doing everything we can to make him stop chasing his shadow, and just kick the dead gum ball.  He enjoyed playing the first 6 games, but he is just bored now.  But, we made a commitment to a team, so we are/will finish up the season and he will play every time it's his turn.    We have a bi next week, so our final game is in 2 weeks.

His game was another early one, which sucked.  I set my alarm just in case Dane didn't wake us up, and sure enough it went off because Dane was still sleeping.  I mean can't he ever sleep in when we have nothing to do or anywhere we have to go??? Of course not.  On my off days he is always wide awake by like 6:00 if not earlier.   So, my alarm clock went off at 7:00, Dane was not awake,  and I was still wanting to sleep for another couple hours.  when we woke Dane up, he did not want to get out of bed.  He kept telling me he was still tired, which he NEVER does, never admits he is tired.  But, we had to suck it up and get moving.  We let him sleep a little longer than normal, and just bypassed the home breakfast with some shipley donuts to save time and really so I could hit snooze for a couple extra minutes.

It was 45 degrees when we first got to the soccer field.  No sun shine and a very strong breeze... I didn't want to get out of the car.   I'm all about the cold weather, I love it and wish we got more of it.  But, I was freezing at Dane's game. Like full on misery. The problem was I didn't dress appropriately, and should have had more clothes on including some head gear.  I guess I didn't think it would feel as cold as it did, so I underestimated what I needed to be wearing.   When we were walking to the field with our chairs and water bottles, I was thinking that I might just watch the game from the car.  Ha It was sooooooo cold.

The first half of the game Dane along with most of his team had their jackets on while playing the game.  I think they were just as miserable as we were.  By the 2nd half it had warmed up like um... 4 degrees and they had been running around so much that they were ok to take their jackets off.

The face D makes when the other team scores.  Every game he does this.  Puts his hands on his face like he is soooooo disappointed.  Lol  So silly.

During his break... trying to keep his head warm

Good times at the soccer field.  One more game.  One more game.  One more game.  I can I can I can.

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