Monday, October 15, 2012

Zomball in Tomball

2nd post of the night...
Can't promise my trip to Dallas will be done this evening... more than likely another post for another day.

Well, let me tell you about our Saturday evening.  Pretty funny, actually.  
So, we went to a Halloween festival called Zomball in Tomball with the Gonzalez gang.  It's been advertised on facebook, online and in the community papers for about a month now, and it seemed like it was going to be a cute neat festival for the kids.  
It mentioned that it would have
-a creepy caboose
-a spider maze
-a pumpkin patch
-music, crafts, food and games
-a huge trunk or treat
and MORE

Hmm... if anything was false advertising I would say this festival was.  Disappointing, really.  
The trunk or treat was ok.  There was several cars set up that the kids were able to get candy from.  
Next up was the spider maze.  Um... when I think of a maze I don't think of a 5 foot straight path made by a string wall.  The kids walked in the entrance, and then not even 2 seconds later walked straight out never having to turn.  Literally walked in a straight line from the entrance to the exit.  Alrighty then. Major fail.
Then we stood in line for about 30 minutes to do the creepy caboose.  I was thinking surely they would make this caboose into a kid friendly haunted caboose.  Maybe with it being dark or cob webs or something that would scream Halloween. 
Nope.  It was completely empty except for an inflatable coffin with an inflatable vampire in it.  We waited in line forever just to walk through an empty train caboose.  I'm not even sure what to say about that.  But, really??
There was 1 bouncy house, which we waited in line for another 30 minutes for the kids to bounce around for maybe 3 minutes.  One bouncy house.  One.  The kids of course wanted to do it again. But we weren't feeling standing in line again for just another 3 minutes of fun. 
I didn't see a single pumpkin.  So, there was no patch. 
No music. 
Not a single thing to eat. Nothing.  Like nothing. No drinks sold. No popcorn. Nada. Nothing. 
No crafts, no games. 
Y'all.  Nothing.  
There was nothing to really do.  So bizarre. However, there was tons of people there.  
They were going to be showing a Halloween movie on an inflatable screen when it got dark, but we chose not to hang around for the movie. Can you blame us??  When we were leaving Kevin made the comment that this festival brought out all the white trash of the community. People brought air mattresses, pillows and the whole shibang for the movie. No words.  No words.  
The most fun came when we were walking to our cars and stopped by a couple antique shops that had Halloween decorations out.  There was a skeleton sitting in a chair that the kids went crazy over.  They couldn't keep their hands off of it. And there was an inflatable spider that the kids liked to jump on and attack.  So, these pics seem like the evening was just a blast when in reality it was a big flop! HAHA
Funny.  Tomball... you disappointed us.  And now I will never trust you again when you put on a festival.  

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