Monday, November 12, 2012

And soccer is over... well, sort of

Saturday morning Dane had his last soccer game. Whoop!
But, the soccer season has been extended one more week... his soccer awards day/end of the season party is next Saturday. Womp Womp.  Dragging it out one Saturday at a time.
I was really disappointed because for one I just wanted it to be over after the last game, and two Kevin and I will be in College Station next Saturday. My mom is coming to the rescue and will be bringing Dane to the big event, but I hate that I'm going to miss it. 

Dane with his team mate/buddy Isaac hanging out on the sidelines waiting for their turn to play.  As you can see Dane gave his best squinty eyes, and fake smirk he could.

Wait a minute... who's that guy coaching our boys this week?? Um, yeah that would be ol Kevin. Our main coach's daughter is in a more competitive league, and was in the playoffs at the exact time the boys were playing.  Then our assistant coach  was suppose to be taking over, and ended up having a family emergency the night before and had to fly out of town.  So, Kevin got suckered into coaching when we arrived at the field. 

Dane with his buddy Ryan, who is our little rock star of the team.  That kid is good. Like really really David Beckham kind of good. 
Dane's spider man web came out this game. Sigh.  He is something else.
At the end of the game we ended up running into our friends Jennifer and Scott, and Dane got to hang out with his buddies Dean and Drew for a little while.
We celebrated the end of the season by going shopping for some new Christmas decorations, and came home and started digging out all the boxes of decorations and our tree.
It's about that time, folks

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