Sunday, November 11, 2012


The screaming/psychotic cheering coming from our house Saturday night??  

I'm sure you heard the big news...

Um... Aggies won against the #1 ranked, undefeated Alabama...In Alabama 

Y'all I can't even begin to tell you how ecstatic we were.  I'm pretty sure our neighbors heard us screaming from excitement.  The game was AWESOME!!!! It was insane, and sooooo exciting to watch.
I don't care who you are, if you hate the Aggies, or even hate watching football.. if you were watching the game Saturday you would have to agree that it was a great intense full of Adrenaline, amazing game, and that the Aggies played their hearts out.

Aggies started off strong like they always do, so even though we were 20 points ahead in the first quarter we were still on the edge of our seat.  Then when Alabama started getting points on the board, we started clinching pillows.  There were some Crazy awesome plays made by the Aggies. They were on fire, and were there to win!!!
The last 4-5 minutes of the game was crazy.  We were standing, and pacing, and screaming and begging the Aggies to pull it out.
Alabama got all the way down to our goal line with a minute and half left, and just needed to score to come back and win the game.  And we INTERCEPTED THE PASS!!!!!! Let me just tell you I don't think Kevin and I have ever screamed and cheered so loud. Crazy maniacs came out in full force. Dane came running into the tv room looking all sad, and telling us to stop yelling.  He was terrified.  He thought we were yelling at each other, and he was truly sad and scared.  We had to assure him that we are YELLING bc we are so freaking excited and happy that the Aggies were going to win.  He then looked relieved and said ok, and went on with his business. Hilarious.
I'm so happy for the Aggies!! They are always the team that comes up just a little short, never gets much respect, and were laughed at and doubted for moving to a new conference.  I think they finally proved themselves, and it was awesome to watch!!  Welcome to the SEC boys!
GO AGGIES!!!!!!!

Here is a cool video of the highlights of the game.  Aggies being in white.

The Aggies flew back to College Station after the game and were welcomed by thousands of cheering Aggies.  So cool!! I can't even imagine how excited and pumped up those football players were when arriving back in College Station and seeing the crowd.  

Next Saturday we will be at the Aggie/SHSU game!!! I'm so excited, and can't wait!

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