Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gobble Gobble

Yesterday was Dane's Thanksgiving feast at his school.  I arrived to his school a little early, during their story time.  I got to watch Dane in action and interact with his little friends.  I picked up some chicken nuggets for the little dude, because I had an inkling that he wouldn't eat anything on the Thanksgiving plate.  I had his food hidden, and sure enough the second he saw what was on the tray he started whining that he didn't want to eat that.  You should have seen his smile when I pulled out the Chick Fil-a bag! :)  Anyway, the little man and I enjoyed having lunch together.  I can't say I enjoyed the food; it made me look forward to my family's Thanksgiving dinner even more than I could have ever imagined.  The turkey was ok... the stuffing and everything else not so much. HaHa 

So... good news and bad news
Bad news I screwed up.  I took some really good pictures from the lunch on my fancy camera.  Got home, and before I uploaded to my computer I accidently deleted them.  :( I had a photoshoot later that afternoon, and before leaving to go I wanted to clean up my memory card to make extra room and I forgot I had pictures that hadn't been uploaded.  First time to ever do that.  UGH!!! So mad at myself.  
But, good news I took 4 pictures with my cell phone to send to Kevin.  They are not near as good as the real ones I got. The quality is crap, and I didn't get any that I'm just over the moon about from my cell. But, I'm thankful I at least have these.  

The teacher told the kids to catch a bubble in their mouth during reading time... Her way of getting everyone to be quiet.  Dane was so cute, he was excited I was there, and was on his best behavior. 
I couldn't get over how QUIET every single kid was during story time.  You could have heard a pin drop.  
 Half the class were Indians, and the other half were pilgrims.  
My little Indian giving his BEST fake smile. 

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