Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween is over.  Where has this year gone?? I can't believe that we are already in November.  Once we get through Halloween I feel like the last 2 months just zooms on through.  And then... my little man turns a year older.  Sigh. 
I have started doing a little Christmas shopping. I've gotten I would say 3/4s of Dane's shopping done.  I have found in my almost 7 years of being married that it helps with my hubby's stress level if I spread it out and do a little at a time instead of spending a whole bunch of money all at once.  So, I obliged.  Ha And I love the holidays, so it's a reason to start shopping. 

But, before we move onto the last 2 months of this year let's do a Halloween re-cap.  

Leading up to Halloween I made a couple more pinterest inspired treats for the holiday.  Yes, I'm that cheesy girl who loves to do things to make holidays fun. 
Mummy dogs... 
Kevin said they didn't look like mummies but they looked like women right out of the shower.  Towel on their head and a towel wrapped tight around their bodies. I'll give it to him... pretty funny, and I laughed pretty hard when he said it. 
Either way... they were really good.  
And then on Kevin's birthday I also made monster pudding.  So easy...  3 ingredients.  pudding, crushed oreos and green food coloring and a black marker...wala you got yourself some monster pudding. So cute! 

Dane had his school Halloween party to start off the day.  He remembered me saying the day of the festival that he could wear his Batman cape to school, so there was no question what he wore.  He was very excited Kevin said when he dropped him off and he was in his Batman gear and ran into Captain America, his buddy Lindon. 
He had a blast, as usual.  He got do some fun Halloween art, trick or treat throughout all the rooms, a costume parade, and had a party that included lots of sweets.  On his daily report sheet it said he had worms, eyeballs and brains for lunch.  So, I asked him what he ate for lunch and he said those same things.  So, I said yeah, but what was it.  His eyes got REAL BIG and he said "Mom that's what we ate. We ate eyeballs and worms and brains. That's what we had for lunch"  I thought his eyes might pop out of his head with how big he had them trying to get his point across.  He is hilarious. He came home with a bag full of Halloween treats, and was ready for some more Halloween fun.

And then was Halloween night. I was a bit panicky because I was stuck in horrible Houston traffic, and felt like I was going to miss everything.  I even snuck away from work 30 minutes early to try and get ahead of the traffic... but 2 hours later I arrived home. Yes. 2 hours later.  
Thankfully, Kevin could hear the panic in my voice and forgave me for me being psychotic and had Dane completely dressed and ready to go when I got home.  He even gave Dane a pep talk that he needed to cooperate and take some before pictures without giving me any trouble. Love that husband of mine. 

We started off with us both going with Dane to trick or treat. That is what we have always done in the past.  Both go, and then when Dane gets tired then we all go home and pass out our candy.  The problem was that I think everyone that was trick or treating (all little kids trying to do it early) had both parents with them, and no one at the houses giving out candy.  There wasn't many houses with their porch lights on... and we all know that is Halloween code. It's a little sad when there are no homes to have your kid go too. Dane started loosing excitement.  And I was feeling like Halloween may just be a fail.  
So, we spilt up and I continued on with Dane and Kevin ran home to start passing out candy.  I think everyone that was out and about figured it out too, because soon after Kevin went home more and more houses had lights on, and so we were able to really start trick or treating.  Dane and I did our main street before he started saying he was tired of walking.  So, we headed back to our house surprised Kevin with us being a trick or treater, and then Kevin grabbed the wagon and we switched roles.  Kevin took Dane to the streets behind us, and they were gone for a long time collecting candy.  I sat outside and talked to some of our neighbors while passing out candy to I think 5,398 kids.  We get a crazy insane amount of trick or treaters.  It seems like the more candy I buy the more trick or treaters we get.  When the boys got back Dane helped me pass out a little more candy, before deciding he wanted to watch the Halloween movie that Kevin had recorded.  So, we waited till there seemed to be a little break between trick or treaters and then called it a night.  Well, we packed up the fold up chairs, brought the last 10 pieces of candy from our bowl into the house and turned off our outside lights.  Then we enjoyed the rest of the evening by enjoying some of Dane's candy and watching Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin show.  Dane had fun, got a crazy crazy crazy amount of candy, and wore his new costume with no complaints.  
It was a great Halloween!! 
a pic from my cell phone of our bowl full of all the good candy ready for the trick or treaters... 

Feel like I lucked out and hit the photography jack pot.  Ha My neighbor had a smoke machine, so I took advantage and got a great dramatic shot with Dane in his costume.
A neighbor asked him if he was a real storm tropper, Dane took off his mask and showed her he was in fact just a little kid.  He cracks me up.  When people act scared he will say don't worry it's not real, it's just a costume. 
a little peeping Tom action going on.  LOL if the people took longer than 2.5 seconds to open the door he was all in their windows asking what was taking so long. 

Then Kevin took over with the camera... wasn't sure what I would end up with... but he did really good.  Heads were actually included in the pictures.  Ha just kidding Kevin!

No words for this person giving my child candy.  No words. lol
got lots of pictures of the scenery.  Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween...more so than Christmas

2 buckets full of candy!! Geez...  All from trick or treating, school party, and the festival
Dane poured both of his buckets in this huge bowl this morning... going to have to secretly get rid of some of this... Lot of candy.  Everything you could possibly think of that contains sugar is in that bowl.

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween, and got as much candy as we did!

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