Monday, November 19, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Last week the Christmas decorations started making their way out of the attic, and into our home.  It's that time folks. We started a little early decorating since we had the big game this past weekend, and this coming up weekend we will be out of town.  By Wednesday of last week everything was up and in their place.  The tree got put together, but I waited till Sunday to decorate it.  I'm starting to get in the Christmas spirit!! I have some fun things I'm going to be doing this year that I'm looking forward to such as Elf on the Shelf and an advent calendar to count down days till Christmas.  I'm hoping to make some new traditions, and make the season really fun for us a family. 

Dane tries to be a big help... loves to help decorate, and might just drive you crazy while doing it. Ha. At one point I came out into the living room, and he had EVERYTHING we own lined up on the table and was so proud of his work. He had decorated, and he wanted that stuff to stay right where it was.  Another moment there was something hanging from every door knob.  A metal wreath holder hanging from one, Christmas lights wrapped tight around another, a Santa hat hanging from another door, a baby lamb from our nativity balancing itself on another knob. Crazy I tell you.
Dane "helped" Kevin put the tree together, and I'm pretty sure Kevin had several gray hair after that.  So, to help with my sanity and since he had already helped me decorate I decided decorating the tree would be done when he was in Orange this past weekend.  :)

Every year Dane LOVES this Santa.  It comes out of the box, and he immediately grabs him and starts playing with him. His legs have springs where you can make him into a short squatty Santa, or into a really tall Santa.  Poor Santa is right.  It's up and down up and down up and down... you would think Santa would lose some of that belly fat with all those lunges.

This Santa obviously did not cooperate with the decorating process.. found him hanging out in the time out chair.  When asked why Dane just laughed and said Santa was being bad.  Misery loves company I guess.

We have had our Aggie tree since Kevin and I had our first Christmas together... I surprised him with it our first year.  This year we are proud to have that little tree up after that Alabama game! Ha

Goofy kid and goofy smile.  He is always being silly.

Now my tree is decorated and is soooo pretty... gotta get some pictures of it soon.
Christmas time is around the corner!!

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