Monday, November 26, 2012

Let the Christmas fun begin...

Saturday was a big day.  Dane got a very important package in the mail from the North Pole.  We all know who lives in the North Pole. 
Unfortunately we thought it was a great idea to actually wake Dane up from a nap to tell him about this package.  First of all... Dane hardly ever naps anymore, and he did Saturday.  But, it was getting later in the evening and we thought he would be pumped that he had a package.  So, we had a little grouchy pants on the loose at first.  
We got inside and Kevin opened up and read the letter from Santa, and Dane opened up the package and found our very own elf.  At first he just looked confused. Kevin read him the story about the elf
The book says that once you give the elf a special name he will have his magic and will watch you and then fly to the North Pole every night when we are sleeping to report to Santa if you have been good or bad, and then will come back and be in a different spot in the house the next day.  
At first Dane wanted no part in giving him a name.  He was extremely skeptical, and was not buying this whole story about the elf.  He made comments like "This elf is not real", and "This is not a real elf, it is just a toy", and "his eyes do not move", and "he can not fly".  Wasn't buying it at all.  I knew Dane may be a little tougher to trick than most.. He is very literal, and doesn't fall for much.
Finally after a little bit of encouraging that in fact this elf is real, and he won't get his magic until he has a name and so on he pointed to a word in the book, and said he knew that word.  And he wanted to name the elf that word.  Um... the word was "ON".  He wanted to name the elf ON.  He was being a little toot, obviously.  We told him that a sight word was not a good name for our elf.  We left him alone for a little bit, and finally after some time playing with the elf he said "what about the name Dopey". 
So, our newest member of the family is Dopey the Elf. 
After the elf is named the rule is that you aren't suppose to touch him or he could lose his magic.  So, we put Dopey up on a shelf for the rest of the day to watch Dane so he can report to Santa once he is asleep.
Dane was still not convinced that he was real.  Not even in the slightest bit.  He was pretty set that Dopey is a toy, and will still be in the same spot the next morning... we will see what Dopey decided to do to try and convince his friend.
Stay tuned for Morning 1 and Morning 2 of having Dopey in our lives...

Notice the bed head, and red mark on his forehead.  He was sleeping hard! Can't believe it.
 Dane loves getting mail, so to get a package is pretty exciting.

 Still half asleep, but curious what Santa could have possibly have sent him
 Santa even wrote him a letter

 Not sure what to think of this little elf sitting in that box

 His little mind is a working... this is a toy. this is a toy. this is a toy
 The book is really cute and explains the whole elf and what to do with it

 waiting patiently for Dane to give him a name. 

 Poor Elf... had no idea what was coming being sent to Dane.  I think this is why the no touching rule is in place after he has a name, because Santa doesn't want his elfs getting tortured

 Being a little toot. 

 And the elf became Dopey... 
His spot for the rest of the evening.  Dane was dead set that the next morning he would wake up, and Dopey would still be sitting there because he did not believe that he would really fly to the North Pole...

Will Dane believe in Dopey??

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Curly Girl Confessions said...

I love this! You need to look on Pinterest for all the fun ideas they have for leaving Dopey messes all over the house like flour with snow angels. :)