Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh, Dopey... Day 1&2

Morning 1:
Dane must have been thinking about our new friend when he went to sleep.  The 1st thing he did when he woke up was go to the office where Kevin was doing some work, and wanted to go see if Dopey was still in the same spot we left him.  I think he wanted so badly to prove that the Elf was not real, so he could say "see, I told you he couldn't fly".  But, he found that Dopey was no longer sitting with our nativity peeps.  Say what???  It took a minute before he happened to turn and see the tv room had been wrapped in toilet paper.  He stood there in shock.  He didn't know what to think.  Then he saw Dopey hanging out in the tree.  There was laughter, confusion, giggles, and fussing that Dopey had made a mess and that he had tricked us.  He was still quite a bit skeptical, but a little less than when he had 1st arrived.  He wanted to believe so bad that Dopey was a toy, but couldn't explain how the toilet paper had been strung all over the place.  I loved watching his little expression of pure confusion.
At one point I told Dane that the elf was watching him.  
His response was classic
"Well, if he is watching me then I just won't hang out in this room"

Morning 1... success

Yes, he is in the same clothes as yesterday... don't judge

Morning 2:
Since Dane wasn't fully committed to the idea yet Dopey decided to step up his A game. 
Kevin left on cartoons for Dane that morning when he left for work in case he woke up before I did.  If cartoons are on he will leave you alone til about 7ish then he starts demanding food.  I woke up around 7:15 hearing what sounded like a small train wreck coming from the kitchen.  I walked in while rubbing my eyes to find one TICKED OFF little man.  I hurried and grabbed my camera, and hid behind it to keep from laughing.
He was standing looking at what used to be his Halloween candy.  Silly Dopey had pretty much finished off his candy leaving just a very small bit.  And Dane was ticked!!!!!
Pretty sure the conversation went something like this
"That ELF ate all my candy"
me- "Oh no, did he really??"
"I'm ANGRY at him"
me- "well, maybe he was hungry from all that flying he did"
"That WAS NOT nice"
Me- "Here let's clean up all these wrappers"
"I'm not cleaning up that mess, HE can do it"
And my all time favorite this morning in the most annoyed and ticked off voice
Not to mention that he YANKED Dopey's sucker out of his hand, and THREW it in the trash, and demanded he take off his spider ring. 
I'm talking infuriated.  And it was hilarious.  Does that make me a bad mom???  For the record before I get hate mail... all the candy Dopey ate was candy that Dane had been picking over the last month and wouldn't have eaten anyway.  And... when I saw how upset he was I let him eat a snickers BEFORE breakfast.  Does that make it any better?? HAHA but it was FUN-NY!!!!!!

When Kevin got home from work Dane told him all about it.  And we even saw Dane sticking his tongue out at Dopey.  We told Dane "you know the elf is watching you and he will report back to Santa if you were good"
He quickly replied with "Well, I'm WATCHING him and I'm going to send a bad report to Santa about Dopey. He made a mess, and HE ATE MY CANDY"

So, I think it's fair to say that Dane now believes in Dopey.

Morning 2...success that he believes... 
but he is not a fan of Dopey. 
At all.

And for another record... Dane had clothes on when he went to bed, a Spider man costume to be exact.
Just so you don't think I sent him to bed nearly naked and froze to death.  No telling what happened between me tucking him in, and the point that I woke up to find him in the kitchen.  Geez check out his crazy hair!! lol
this next picture is not in focus... but I had to put it on here. It's his 1st reaction when he saw me. Little booger was not a happy camper.  To put it lightly bed head and all.

checking out the damage

 Pouty Pablo here

 Mean Mugging Ol' Dopey. Like some serious mean mugging

Him telling me what he thought about Dopey, and how he just needs to take his little elf self back to the North Pole.  Serious business when you mess with a kid's Halloween candy.

Not sure how this will all play out... But I think Dopey has some apologizing to do tomorrow...

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I am dying over here! That is HILARIOUS!

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