Sunday, November 4, 2012


This weekend was such a low key weekend.  Usually, I would say that was a good thing, but I have found myself just plain bored and mopey this afternoon.  I have nothing that HAS to be done, no where to really go, no motivation to do anything worth while.  I'm just blah.  Ever feel like that? Kevin says that I'm feeling the "after birthday blues", all this excitement leading up to his birthday and now that it's over I'm sad.  :) I'm not sure if that's the case or not.  But, we will let him think that.  My off day from work this week is Monday, which I know most people would think it's great to have an extra day off during the weekend, but this is the schedule I hate the most, as my therapist buddies would agree.  It sucks, and makes for an exhausting week.

So, I'm sitting outside on our side porch having a glass of wine and listening to some tunes, hoping that Dane will stay occupied for a little while so I can have some peace and quiet.  He's been a bit much lately.  Not necessarily bad... just high strung, and wearing on my nerves a tad.  Been feeling like my patience has been pretty thin with him lately.  Think I need a good ugly cry or... a girls week night to cure this mood of mine.  Woe is me.  Woe is me.

I haven't done a cell phone dump in a while... might as well today since I have nothing else to do. :)
In no particular order...
our very own drive in movie theater
Dane took this picture of Kevin the other night... and of course, Kevin pulled his favorite eye crossed look. He loves to do this to annoy me... who gets the last laugh now Kevin????  :)
Having an important chat with Pappy... I think about his superheros.  This picture makes me miss my grandma a ton.  Wish she was still here and loving on Dane.  She loved kids.  I can still hear her say "Bless His Heart" 
My mom and I the night my aunt gave her testimony... it took about 17 pictures to get this picture of us in the actual shot.  Lindsay and Haley... your Granny STRUGGLED to work the phone.  It was HILARIOUS!! Love that Martha Rogers!  And, lets not talk about how washed out this cell pic makes me look.  I promise I'm not that white.  I'm pretty white, but not that white!
My patient rolled up in this Friday... and it was her everyday car.  no biggie
Our Aggies played great Sat! We kicked some Mississippi State bootay... But, next week could be a killer... playing an undefeated team... Hope those Aggies come to fight!
We had to take a halftime break and run to Gringos and get some Queso to enjoy the 2nd half!
We got out first toy catalog for Christmas over the wknd... has not left Dane's hands.  He has looked at the same pages 100000 times, and he already knows what he is wanting for Christmas... which is EVERYTHING


We had a dinner picnic a few weeks back... I think the first night the temperature was below 70 degrees
Dane and his shadow... seriously obsessed.  It's crazy
He is a mess
a couple of my new Halloween decorations I got this October. First year to ever buy Halloween stuff, need to start collecting some cute decorations each year.  Thanks Hobby Lobby for giving this to me for 50% off.  
I went to McDonald's in the Wal-Mart one day on my lunch break to get a FOUNTAIN drink, and caught them pouring my drink in the corner from a 2 liter.  Um, no.  Money back... thanks.
Dane got me this clip from the treasure box at school instead of getting him a treasure.  Sweetest thing ever.  But, he is a bit psycho about it, and is constantly telling me to put it in my hair.  I might have put in it my hair in a crazy way, and then forgot it was there and spent about 45 minutes in Wal-Mart before figuring it out that my hair had a chunk pulled back with a purple clip.  
We got to wear pink one Friday at work for breast cancer awareness month.  My therapist buddies, Kristy and Katie...the girls who keep me sane while working our long hours.  There are no words for how much us 3 girls have been through together the last 6ish years while working in Hell  our facility.  But, we have each other's back, stick together and get along great!!  I'm not a fan of this picture... looking rough but whatever.  :)
How Dane ran errands with me the other morning... the day of Kevin's birthday. He is really funny.  Like really really funny.  Yes, I let him wear costumes out of the house.... 

He saw this hat, and REALLY wanted it.  lol I said no, because come on!! But had a good laugh while he wore it. 
I live with a vampire...

We live off a street that is close to the hwy going one direction, but the other direction is nothing but land and country folk stuff.  We were driving home one afternoon and saw this... made Kevin turn around so I could get a picture.  Hello High Maintenance Horse...
Ok, I could go on and on...  Enough of the cell pics.  It's time to close shop and go inside.  Peace!

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