Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The time we stole from Academy/ Eat Em Up.... Aggies!

I'm just now getting around to posting about our wknd.  It's been a crazy insane week with me working the late shift, sitting in crazy insane traffic, cooking dishes for my work pot luck, trips to the grocery store, and packing to head out to Orange.  I haven't had much free time before I crash the last couple nights to do what I'm really wanting to do.  So, I saved the pictures on here and our work load is really light today... getting paid to blog today.  :)  Kevin is meeting me at my job today, and we are heading out as soon as I am able to clock out.  I'm so ready  to hang with my family while eating home made mac and cheese... oh and I guess turkey too.

We had a fabulous fun filled weekend.  My weekend started off Friday morning.  I had the day off, brought Dane to his school for his last day before his week off for Thanksgiving break, and then got spend the day with my mom.  She came into town to hang out with me and do some Christmas shopping before taking Dane with her back to Orange for the weekend. 
To say we had a hilarious exciting day would be a total understatement. Sorry Mom... I gotta do it.  It started off like a normal Christmas shopping day.  We ran around and piddled and shopped til we dropped.  We went to Gringos for lunch, enjoyed some yummy Mexican food before heading to Academy in search of a cowboy hat for Dane.  We got in the store and was told pretty early on that they didn't carry cowboy hats for kids all year round. So, instead of leaving we ended up piddling in Academy.  We walked around, looked in the toy section and found a little gun set that would go great with the infamous cowboy hat we were in search for.  After grabbing the guns we continued to look around.  We were both distracted.  I was on my phone texting my friend, Christy for directions to the nearest Cavenders Boot City.  My mom was on and off her phone talking to people, texting, also doing map quest etc.  Plain and simple we were going through the motions in Academy, but both of our minds were elsewhere.  We made it around the whole store, and then found ourselves at our car...which was not parked close to the door mind you.  Yeah... you see where this is going????!!!!???? As I was in the process of unlocking my car my mom makes the comment "They didn't give me a bag", and then at that moment it hit us both.  "OH MY GOODNESS, YOU HAVE THE COWBOY GUNS IN YOUR HANDS", "AHHH I DIDN'T PAY FOR THIS".  I have never laughed so hard standing in that parking lot watching my mom RUN back to the store.  She was so scared that she wouldn't get to the door in time before someone tackled her saying she shop lifted.  HI-LAR-IOUS!!!!
Her trying to explain what happened to the greeter, and the cashier and everyone else that was standing there about what happened was the best moment EVER!!!! I had tears I was laughing so hard. I think everyone in that store thought she had lost her mind. Lots of laughter going on, and a man even let her skip him in the check out line. Y'all...hilarious. Um, hello she is married to a judge which makes it even better. David would have died if he had gotten a call that my mom was sitting in jail because she shoplifted a $13 toy. Me telling this story does not do it justice.  The employee was shocked she came back... there are honest people still left in this world, and my mom would be one of them!! We cracked up for hours afterwards.  Fun Fun Fun day. 
After we robbed Academy, we made it to Cavenders and got Dane the CUTEST cowboy hat, and then my mom picked up Dane from his school and they headed to Orange leaving Kevin and I childless for the weekend! 

Friday night Kevin and I had a little dinner and a movie date night.  We hit up PF Changs like we do so often on nights alone, and then went and saw Taken 2! Really yummy food, and the movie was REALLY good!! Taken 1 was better, but the 2nd was good too, very intense and had you on the edge of your seat the whole movie. We enjoyed the night, and then came home to get rested up for the big game!

We have been so excited to go to the Aggie vs SHSU game.  I just thought it was so cool that our schools were playing each other.  First time ever to "root" against the Aggies, and to wear anything but maroon to the games!! It was fun having a divided house for the day, even though we both knew that Sam would lose. I was ok with that, Still fun though to go and wear my bearkat shirt.  We left early, got to College Station around 9:30 Saturday morning and hung out at North Gate for a little while.  My friend Becca had some friends tailgating with a tent set up, so we did that until it was time to head into the stadium.  There was alot of grilling going on... so much food at the tent! I might have overdosed on a cheese ball... Just saying. We had a blast hanging out with Becca and her friends.  Then it was game time!!
We had tickets in the student side which is always so much fun!!!  My seat was right next to two other Bearkats!! So, we had a lot of fun even though Sam was behind 47-0 through the 1st 3 quarters.  Then the Aggie starters all got pulled out, and they put in the 3rd string and Sam got a few touchdowns. We had so much fun at the game.  I was disappointed that SHSU didn't bring their band, though.  I understand that they probably don't have the funds to pay for everyone to go to away games, but come on.  Huntsville is maybe 45 minutes from College Station... they could have driven their own cars if they wanted too.  Maybe they didn't want to have to march after the Aggie band... bc those Aggies are pretty impressive.  I've always loved watching their band at games! It was a fun fun fun day!! I enjoyed every single minute of it!!
Eat Em Up Kats and Gig Em Aggies!

These first few pics are from my cell phone... The picture above was a self taking photo... notice I didn't do a good job of getting both Kevin and I in it.  Hence why I'm wanting a cell phone with  the camera that turns around.  Hint Hint
The joke around College Station was that the Bearkat football players were let out for good behavior to make the team... get it??  because of the prison?? Haha good one.
Aggies and Bearkats... good match if you ask me :)
 for some reason my cell made my scarf look a different shade of Orange than it really was in the above pics.  Weird. 

Kevin found this graffiti at North Gate... love it
I had my Bearkat claws out the whole day!

Me and sweet Becca!! So happy to hang with this chick!

We had great seats!! But, it was directly in the sun for the first 3 quarters...
Love Aggieland and love Aggie games!! The atmosphere is so much fun!!
Funny little side note... Becca had called us before game wanting to know if her seats were going to be in the sun or shade so she knew how warm to dress. She knew Kevin would know since he knows the stadium so well. Kevin told her exactly what was going to happen... she would be in direct sun the whole game till the very end of the game, and then she would get chilly.  He was exactly right.  Her section was right there under the flags.  It's like I live with an Indian or something. Ha
He forgot to mention that our section would also be in the direct sunlight. It was brutal. And I had wished I wasn't wearing 2 shirts.  It was pretty chilly in the shade... but not so much in the sun.

The marching band is awesome.  Love watching them perform. 

I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day!! Gobble Gobble

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