Monday, December 17, 2012

12 days till Christmas Part 1

As I've mentioned before we went to Bass Pro Shop on Thursday to see Santa.  Dane was so excited to go see the "Real" Santa, and was determined to bring his lego magazine to show Santa EXACTLY which legos he is wanting.  I recommend everyone going to Bass Pro when visiting Santa.  It's a much more fun experience with all that they have to offer.  And a huge BONUS is that you actually get a picture with Santa for FREE!! At most places the photo packages are not cheap, usually anywhere from $25-30 just for the basic package, and they frown upon you taking your own photos.  Also, at Bass Pro if the line is too long the "Elves" will give you an appointment time so you aren't having to stand in line for an eternity with a squirmy impatient kiddo.  
We got there right when they opened. Santa hadn't even arrived yet, so Dane had a few minutes to hang out and run around their Santa's land.  
Dane was SOOOOO cute when it was his turn to see Santa.  He walked right up to him told him hi and  got right on his lap.  Santa was real sweet, and started talking to Dane like he had known him forever.  Santa asked him what he had brought with him, and that was Dane's cue to start showing him the lego magazine and all that he wanted.  Santa motioned for the Elf to take Dane's picture while he was showing him the magazine.  Cutest picture ever!! We ended up getting 2 free pictures... one of Dane looking at the magazine, and another of Dane giving his best awkward smile with Santa.  Ha
Santa spent several minutes with Dane, he was in no hurry.  Love that about this Santa.  It wasn't really busy, so we were able to take our time.  
After Santa Dane played and played in Santa's land.  He did remote control cars, shot targets, bow and arrow etc.  We walked around the store and he played on 4 wheelers, and in boats, we played in the toy section for a long time. He had an absolute blast.  We were there for a couple hours, and Dane didn't want to leave when it was time to go. 
But, our fun day didn't end there.  That evening we went to Santa's Wonderland in College Station.  We had planned on going another night, but then found out the tickets were 30% off on this particular night, so 12 days till Christmas ended up being a day full of Christmas events.  FUN FUN FUN day and night!

The Santa pictures are pictures of the actual picture.  I didn't feel like scanning them.  I was really happy to get the picture of Dane showing the magazine.  It's just so cute, and sums up how comfortable Dane was with Santa this year.  

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