Friday, December 14, 2012

17-15 days till Christmas

I'm a little beat.  I'm sitting down for the first time today since about 5:30 this morning.  I was a shopping, errand running, productive, list checking machine today.  The last couple days actually has been pretty busy.  Wednesday was my last day of work this week.  Oh Yeah!  Thursday Dane and I went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop.  That place is the best place to go see Santa, hands down.  The scenery is awesome, there's a REAL looking Santa, you get a picture with him for FREE, and there is fun things to do that is also FREE, not to mention the store just has so much to look at.  We made a day of it, and Dane had a blast.  More on our visit later... when I get caught up on this ol blog.  That evening once Kevin got home from work we took a road trip to College Station to Santa's Wonderland... more on that later as well.  We got home pretty late last night, and crashed the second we walked in the door.  Today was dedicated to knocking off the 25,743 things on my to-do list.  Kevin took Dane to school, I woke up at 5:30 and was out the door by 6:00 to get started with my errands.  Crazy? Yes, but I had a TON to do.  This girl was on a mission, taking full advantage of being by herself.  I had my list, ok my 10 lists and had planned out what stores I needed to go to, and what all I needed from each store.  I didn't stop till about 12:30, when I thought I might pass out from starvation.  I came home, ate a PB&J sandwich then started wrapping presents.  Once it was all knocked out I headed back out to finish my errands, and didn't get back home till it was almost time for Kevin to get home.  After we ate dinner I had to finish up with my DIY presents for Dane's teachers.  So, at 7:30 this evening I'm finally laid out on the couch.  I'm feeling my age this evening.  Ha Everything on my body hurts.  My back hurts, my joints ache, my arches in my feet are killing me, my eyes are heavy, but I feel very accomplished today.  I got so much done, and as tired as I am I really enjoyed having the day to myself to piddle. 

Let's see how many of our countdown days I can get through before calling it a night.  

Day 17:
Last Saturday night we went and looked at lights.  I created a scavenger hunt list to make it more fun.  I don't think Dane's attention span would have made it through several streets of lights.  Actually, I don't think... I know that after a couple houses he would have grown bored.  But, he had SOOOO much fun looking for all the stuff on the list.   It was a little competition for him, because we also had the same list so he wanted to find the stuff before we did.  We had a hard time finding the Grinch.  He was looking so hard to find it, and I was beginning to think we wouldn't.  But, we turned a corner and Dane just started screaming that he found the Grinch.  It was hilarious, and a big sigh of relief!!  It was a fun night, and it's one of my favorite things about Christmas.  I love looking at lights, especially neighborhoods that go all out.  My pictures of the actual lights didn't turn out that great, so I didn't put them on here.  Bummer.  

Day 16
Sunday we built a gingerbread house.  First time for Dane, and for myself to ever to do this. I'm surprised the actual house got any candy on it... every time we turned around Dane was sneaking candy.  Pretty funny.  It turned out a tad on the ehh white trashy side.  HAHA  We didn't frost the whole house, we thought we wouldn't have enough icing.  But next time we do it we are sooo frosting the roof. Ha  Dane had fun, he got a sugar high while making his master piece.  Next year, we will have to get a village making set, and have a little competition.  I have a feeling I would have beat these boys! 

Day 15
Monday night was declared an easy night.  We were both tired, so all we did to celebrate the day was watch Charlie Brown Christmas.  Kevin had found a Charlie Brown movie set a while back, and bought it, so it ended up being perfect for a night that we didn't have the energy to go all out.  It had 4 movies all in one, 4 different holiday Charlie Brown movies.  So, after watching the Christmas one, we also watched the Thanksgiving one as well.  Christmas is about giving thanks as well.  Low key night, but nice to sit back and relax together.  
 Pics in cell pics...

 I think we watched it 3 times, and then lil man passed out.   And he looked sooo sweet.  

That's all for now...

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