Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We spent the evening Friday doing a Christmas puzzle, listening to Christmas music, and eating Christmas popcorn munch.  
Great Friday night!!!

 Dane helped me make the popcorn munch.  It's so easy, consists of popcorn, m&ms, peanuts and melted almond bark.  I made this for Halloween as well, but had candy corn in it.  It's a YUMMY treat.  Very addicting.  

 our puzzle was a little harder than we were expecting.  Ok, a lot harder.  
But, we still had a good time trying to figure it out while enjoying music and popcorn.  Good Christmas evening!

 Kevin spent the most time on it... Dane and I gave up that night after a couple hours, and Kevin had to continue the next morning.  He was pretty annoyed when he got down to the end to find that we were missing one piece. We looked everywhere!! Boo!! 

Getting down closer and closer to Christmas!! My to-do list is bigger than Texas!

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