Saturday, December 29, 2012

2 days...

2 days till Christmas:

We had Christmas with Granny and Poppy on Sunday. The kids opened presents and they really racked up in the gift department. Dane got some really cute stuff that he was so excited about.  An adorable cowboy hat and real cowboy boots and guns was by far his favorite.  He has been wanting to be a "real" cowboy for a long time.  Not sure he can be much cuter than when he is wearing his hat and boots.  We surprised my niece and nephew with tickets to see Luke Bryan at the Houston rodeo for this coming up March.  I think they were really excited for their gift.
  My mom made a yummy meal afterwards, and luckily she had just pulled everything out of the oven when the power went out.  So, we enjoyed our Christmas lunch in the dark! Ha But, it was a great meal, so yummy.  She made her famous mac and cheese and Dane ate 2 helpings of it. I really enjoyed being home and spending time with my family.  It does the soul good to be around family during the holidays!

overdose on cowboy pics ahead...

Sunday afternoon we headed back to Cypress to have Christmas with Kevin's parents who had come in to town for the week.  We got back and visited with them and relaxed the rest of the evening while we waited for Christmas Eve and Christmas to arrive.

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