Saturday, December 8, 2012

21-20 days till Christmas

I'm so behind on this blog.  I can't keep up with all the posts from our elf appearances and our daily Christmas activities.  But, we have been having fun, and really enjoying the Christmas season.  It's keeping us busy, but it's added some special times this year.  It looks like Dane is wearing the same clothes over and over, but he is getting dressed in the morning and then finds the elf, and then comes home that afternoon in same clothes to do the Christmas activity.  And since I'm all over the place with updating it appears we never change his clothes.  Ha
He has REALLY enjoyed the countdown.  The minute Kevin picks him up from school he asks if he can pull another card.  It has been a lot of fun.  And has made us slow down and do something as a family each night, even if it's something little.  You get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the evenings that sometimes you realize that you have spent no actual QUALITY time together.  
Making memories has been the goal for this Christmas season.  

So, a friend from work told me that I needed to wear this shirt.  HAHAHAHA hilarious. And I do.  It's so true, and hilarious. I know I know I know, people think I'm crazy with how much stuff I do for Christmas, and not just this holiday but birthdays as well.  It may seem crazy to most, or people may think I take it overboard or don't understand how I do it while I work full time.  But, you know what I love it. Plain and Simple. I just make time for it. I think we are having a lot of fun during this Christmas season, spending quality time together, and making fun memories.  I hope when Dane gets bigger he will look back and say that I always tried to make Christmas special for him.  
Day 21 was Tuesday.  It was kind of a rough night.  I ended up having to change things around, and do something really easy that night because the weather was really bad and it took me over 2 1/2 hours to get home from work. UGH! Dane had swimming that night, and it took Kevin and him longer to get home as well because of the bad traffic caused by weather.  Thankfully, I had made the back of the cards where I could switch the picture if needed.  I used my cell for all the pics this night, and they are pretty bad but oh well.. it was one of those nights.  Just lucky we were still able to do something because Dane would have been really disappointed if not.
Day 21 was switched to getting a few new Christmas books.  And then when Dane found out it was lego books he was soooo excited.  I found this really cool book that told the Christmas Story but in lego form.  Really cool.  I also got him a couple other books, but this book he was really excited about.  I think he had us read it 4 or 5 times in a row.

Moving right along.  To Day...

Can you believe we are that close to Christmas?? And now that I'm so far behind we are actually several days closer.
This year is flew by.  And December is going just as fast.  Boo.

 As you can see from the blurry action shots below Dane was not thrilled about this card.

HAHA Just kidding.  He was jumping up and down and so excited to see Home Alone on the back of the card.  He loves that movie.  Also on the card was hot chocolate, and peppermint marshmallow dippers.  So, I whipped these up real quick.  I stole this idea from Pinterest... pretty much every cute idea comes from there.  They are soooo easy! 

 Then we made some hot chocolate, hung those babies in the mug and watched Home Alone.  Those little dippers made the hot chocolate so much better!! Just a hint of peppermint, enough to give it a little extra flavor.  Very yummy!

 Dane didn't want a dipper in his, instead he wanted A LOT of lil marshmallows.

It was a great evening watching the movie with the Christmas tree and lights, while drinking hot chocolate.  Too bad it's still 80+ degrees.   We even ate some Grinch cookies that were left over as well.

The last 10-15 mins of the movie I look over to see I'm the only one still watching the movie.  Boys were out.

More days to come.

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