Tuesday, December 4, 2012

23 and 22

Sunday afternoon Dane pulled the 23 card to find that we were heading to the movie theater to watch a "Christmas" movie.  He was super excited, and went running to tell his dad that the card had a picture of movie tickets and popcorn. 
We saw Rise of the Guardians, along with the rest of Cypress.  It was a packed house.  I thought the movie was a Christmas movie, but it really wasn't that Christmasy.  Is that a word?  The movie was good, just not what I was expecting.  It wasn't as light hearted as we were thinking, a little more dramatic or dark if you will.  But, it was a good Sunday afternoon kind of thing for #23.

22 days till Christmas wasn't as much of a hit as the other days.  On the back of the card there was a picture of a letter to Santa.  Dane looked confused, and when I told him what we were doing he told me AHHHH that is BORING! Too funny.  Sorry little dude, but it can't be something extravagant every day, not that the other days were that exciting but you know.   
Once we started working on it, his attitude changed and he seemed to be fine with the activity of the day. 
I had printed out a Santa letter I found online since he isn't able to write sentences yet.  I had him write his name, and then when he told me things he wanted I wrote thim down on a paper for him to copy on the Santa letter.  I had to shorten some of the words since he isn't a pro at writing.  For instance instead of batman spaceship lego set we went with just legos. Ha And at first all he would list off was legos.  I think he thought if he said something else also he may not get legos.  We had to coach him into telling us more things to go on the list.  
All these pictures are from my cell phone with some fun effects from a new app.

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