Monday, December 3, 2012


Counting down to Christmas...

Saturday, after our birthday party that we went too we loaded up to head to a Christmas Tree Farm in Tomball for a social with some friends.  We had this event already planned, so it was a perfect activity for our countdown to Christmas.  Dane was really excited to see the fire with marshmallows, and told us he was so excited to go CAMPING! lol No sir, no camping for this momma.  But, we did take a hay ride through the Christmas tree farm, and spent the evening at a campfire roasting hot dogs and s'mores.  Dane got to run around with his buddies Dean, Carson, Drew and Reagan.  There were tee- pees that the kids could play in, and Dane thought that was just the best thing ever!  I do believe that this was Dane's 1st s'more! We had a great time hanging out with our friends and watching the kids play.  We did have not 1 but 2 close calls with Dane running and tripping and falling ever so close to the fire.  He loves to give his momma and her momma's friends little heart attacks.  

Nothing says Christmas in Texas like hay rides through tree farms, roasting s'mores by a camp fire in shorts and 85 degree weather.  Can we get some cold weather, PLEASE??
 this would have been such a cute pic if Dane's eyes were opened just a lil more.  Ha

 Wow... look at that cheesing
 drinking Hot Chocolate in 85 degree weather
 Dane's buddy Dean

 I'm sorry s'more... But I'm about to tear you apart.  

Kevin with his flaming marshmallows.  

Such a fun night "camping"!

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