Friday, December 28, 2012

3 Days till Christmas... Ellis Christmas

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas!! 
3 days till Christmas we celebrated with my Ellis side.  
It's always a crazy loud night, but I enjoyed getting to spend time with my family.  We were missing several this year! But, it was a good night.

Before heading to my grandpa's we had to get in the typical yearly pics...

We enjoyed some great food and laughs and quality time with the gang.  
Then of course we had to do our typical "everyone takes their turn with Pappy" pic.  
Santa hats came out this year...
Sweet Hadley, getting soooo big soooo fast

I love the next 2 pics of Hadley loving on her baby sister Baylor.  

Yeah for Christmas!!

Dane is a good big cousin.  
This is Dane saying "Why does she keep saying I'm a baby" "Doesn't she see I'm a big kid"
It was hilarious.  Hadley called him a baby every time she saw him.  Towards the end of the night she said it to him, and he sighed real loud and rolled his eyes before telling her he wasn't a baby.  It was soooo funny.  Caught these next few pics on my phone.
I think little Miss was begging for food here.  HAHAHA
Kevin enjoying some crawfish etouffee, and Dane munching on pizza

Dane wanted no part of wearing the Santa hats! 

Earlier in the day my niece and I made and decorated sugar cookies.  We made tons, it felt like the dough was never ending, but we had a good time together!!

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