Friday, December 28, 2012

4 Days till Christmas

The Friday before Christmas we were all set to head out of town to go to Orange.  I was planning only working until 11:00, and Kevin was suppose to get off around 12:30, and we were going to hit the road as soon as he got home.  I was going to squeeze in a haircut for the little dude in that hour and half that we waited for Kevin.  Unfortunately, sickness had other plans.  I got a call from Dane's school about an hour before I was suppose to leave that he was running fever and needed to be picked up.  
Great timing to get sick little dude.  I got to his school, and he was out cold in the bo-bo room, and didn't even wake up when I picked him up and carried him out.  He was burning up, and was like a limp dish rag.  :(  Of course, his Dr office was booked solid so we weren't able to get an appointment but some co-workers had told me about the clinics at Wal-Greens.  I wasn't really expecting it to work out, but decided we really had no other options.  I was shocked to see that the clinic was just like a real Dr office with a real DR on staff.  They did everything that his Dr would have done, even took our insurance.  We ended up with a diagnosis of double ear infections, very swollen tonsils and a pretty good prediction that Dane had strep.  The Dr was assuming he had strep with everything that she looked at, but didn't think it was necessary to do the strep test because the medicine for the ear infections would clear up the strep as well.  So, a few hours later and we were headed home with antibiotics.  We got a late start but still got to head to Orange.  We were told that he would start feeling better just a few hours after the first dose of medicine... since he had an ear infection in October he got a stronger type of medicine.  

 Poor little dude was looking pretty rough while we waited to see the DR.  Poor thing was not feeling well at all.  
We let Dane draw a card when we got home to pack up. The last couple days activities was Christmas with family since we would be traveling and all that.  He didn't know that we were headed to Orange,  so on the back of card 4 was a picture of Granny and Poppy.  He was excited to see we were heading out to go see them.  And this is when he saw Dopey was missing from the ledge over our door!! Ha 

To cheer up the little man my mom let him open up one of his presents early.  He was feeling pretty crappy, but was very excited to open up the gift and see legos!! But, you know the little dude is sick when he didn't want to build it by himself.  He wanted Kevin to help from the beginning.  So, while the boys did some building my mom and I went and got my Casa Ole fix, and then went and finished up her last minute shopping.  

By the time we got home from shopping you could see a huge difference in Dane.  The meds were definitely working, and he was already starting to feel much better.  Definitely not 100% but way better than when I had picked him up.  

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