Sunday, December 9, 2012

A giving heart

Our countdown has been really fun, but while making the cards I wanted to add in a day where we gave toys to the needy.  I decided to have Dane pick some toys he doesn't play with again and give them to Good Will. And I know that we have already done this, but I thought doing it again to make room for new toys that are coming, and give more toys to the kids that don't have any toys would just be good to add in for our countdown. I really want to teach Dane how to have a giving heart, but I'll be honest it's hard.  He still doesn't totally grasp the concept that there are kids who are less fortunate than him.  Which I know can be a life long lesson, but starting early is important.  

 Dane was not happy when he saw the card. No way to sugar coat it, he was bitter as soon as he saw the picture.  I wasn't home, but Kevin said that when he saw the card he immediately started pouting and said that he didn't want to give toys that day.  He wasn't against it totally, just didn't want to do it right then.  Dane is a very stubborn, strong willed child and things have to be his idea or it takes some major coaxing to get him to do the things you want him to do.  
His playroom is so chaotic with so many toys, so many that he NEVER plays with.  And we said we would let him decide how many toys to pick, and he would get to choose what to bring.  Hopefully, this doesn't come across as mean that we made him do this, but we have to make room for new toys or there won't be enough room for Santa to bring new stuff.  After Kevin talked to him about why this was on the card, how there are kids that will not get any toys for Christmas, and how Dane is a sweet boy who wants to make people happy etc Dane's attitude turned around.  He also explained that we have been doing all these fun things each day, and how we need to give to others as well.  I just want to teach him the importance of loving others, and that it isn't all about us.  Dane no longer had a frown, and walked upstairs with no attitude and didn't have to be forced to pick toys.  He walked around and looked at everything, and actually picked more than I was expecting for him to give.  Then Kevin brought him to Good Will, and by that time he was really interested in being there.  He wanted to carry his toys, he wanted to give them to the guy, and he was happy with his decisions to give to kids with no toys.    
Tis the season to give...

While they were doing this good deed I was with my girl Tamara.  She got tickets to a Christmas Story Concert for her birthday and invited me to go along with her.  We had dinner and then headed to the venue.  The story was AMAZING!! It had performances by Natalie Grant, Selah, Casting Crowns and a few others.  It really got me in the Christmas spirit, and it was a great night spent with my girl. It had been a little while that we had gotten to hang out, so it was great to catch up!  
Ladies in Red...

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