Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve... AKA the longest blog post ever!

Christmas Eve was the last day of our countdown.  I was sad to see it end since we have had so much fun the last month.  Christmas Eve was also Dopey's last day at our house.  I thought Dane might be sad that he was going to leave and he wouldn't see dopey till next year.  

Dane found Dopey hanging out by our countdown cards with a present and a letter to Dane.  I woke up to Dane busting in our bedroom shouting that Dopey had left him a present.  He was sooooo excited.  

 We read the letter to Dane, and told him that since Santa was coming that night Dopey wouldn't need to fly to the North Pole, and that Santa would just bring him back on his sleigh.  So, it would be ok for him to touch him on the last day.  Santa would give him his magic back when he saw him that evening.  
 Our last countdown card had 3 things on it.  
-open 1 present
-make cookies for Santa
-Christmas Eve Candle light service at church

 He played with Dopey for quite a while.  Dopey hung out in the tv room with Dane for a while that day.  I had a feeling that Dane might hide him so Santa couldn't bring him back to the North Pole.  Dopey had become Dane's little buddy over the past month... a buddy that made him laugh but annoyed the crap out of him too.  Ha

 I found Dopey like this at one point...

 Dopey gave Dane a star wars trouble game that he really liked.  The boys played several rounds while I cooked dinner.  

 Grandpa had gotten Dane a gag gift, so he was able to open this gift on Christmas Eve as well. 

 At first he was like "REALLY???" 
 um... a rubber chicken
Thanks Grandpa!! HAHA
 Then we were all laughing and I think Dane got embarrassed and ended up throwing the chicken across the room.  HA
 We didn't go all fancy this year with Santa's cookies.  With us doing our big meal on this day, and church I just didn't want to stress with fancy cookies.  I'm sure Santa didn't mind that we got the pre-cut nestle tollhouse cookies

 We had a really big Christmas Eve dinner that I have to admit I think turned out really good.  You can't go wrong with Big Woodrow's Cajun fried turkeys! So yummy!! 
We had that with a yummy dirty rice, green bean casserole and mac and cheese, rolls and ended with a chocolate pie.  

We got ready and did some pictures before leaving to go to church for the candle light Christmas Eve service.  Dane looked adorbs in his outfit.  I plan on getting him dressed in the outfit again soon and getting some better pictures of him outside.  He looked so cute, so I'm wanting some better pics of him.  

We enjoyed a really nice service.  Dane had fun with the candle... acted like it was a microphone and that he was interviewing us before the service started.  He's so funny.  
I took a few pics with my cell phone to be discrete.  He did pretty good during the service.  

 Kevin got this next shot!! And I love it! This is at the end of the service when we sang Oh Holy Night and a few other Christmas songs all by candle light.  I love this part of Christmas!! It's always so pretty, and I was really happy when I saw this picture Kevin got.  

Did you know it snowed in Houston on Christmas Eve?? Well, Only at our church.  So weird! :)  
Our church brought in snow for the kids after the service.  Dane had a BLAST throwing snowballs at Grandpa.  He loved throwing them...did not like getting hit by them.  It's a one way street Grandpa!! Ha
We  couldn't have a white Christmas... closest thing to it.

 After church it was time to get home and get ready for Santa.  
Dane wanted to leave Santa 8 cookies!

 We read The Christmas Story and Twas the Night Before Christmas, and then it was time to hit the sack.
Santa's arrival was right around the corner...

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