Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas fun

Well, It's Christmas afternoon.  Everyone is resting at the moment so I'm going try and blog a little.  We had a great Christmas morning.  We were awaken bright and early around 6:20 this morning with a little voice shouting "It's Christmas!!!"  
And now we are all in our own little corners having some much needed down time.  
I hope that everyone is having a great Christmas!! Our day has been really nice!
I'm so behind on this blog but hope to get all caught up soon.  

But, for now lets travel back in time to 2 Fridays ago.  
Day 11 of our Christmas countdown.  
We had a very low key night, and celebrated the night with a new Christmas movie.  Madagascar Christmas.  It was on sale at Target for $5 a while back, so knew it would be perfect for a busy evening during our countdown.  We already had all the other Christmas movies that we have watched, so it  was good to add a new one to the mix.   Dane loves Madagascar, so I knew he would love this movie.  It was a really cute Christmas movie!

Day 10:
That Saturday we invited our Gonzalez friends over for a cookie decorating party.  Decorating cookies is more fun when in good company.  Everyone got involved..some more than others.  Sophie was really into it, probably decorated about 35.  She was a decorating cookie machine.  Dane and Zach had to be coaxed into it, and only did enough to eat in the moment and then was done.  Even the big boys got into it.  The hubbies were actually a little more into than you would think, making the cookies very detailed and pretty.  Hilarious.  We had a great evening hanging out, talking, laughing etc.  Christy and I were hanging out in the kitchen when out of no where the big boys had pulled out a Beatles puzzle and spent the rest of the evening putting it together.  Crazy Saturday night! I think we are getting old????  

 Roll up your sleeves Gabe...about to do some serious work

 Kevin made me a JEW cookie.  Hilarious.  He thinks it is soooo funny my initials spell JEW.  

Day 9:

Well, Day 9 was a big fail.  We attempted to make hand print ornaments out of flour.  It was an idea from Pinterest, but it failed miserably.  We had fun trying but they did not turn out good at all.  We tried about 7 or 8 times and it was just a disaster.  Needless to say they won't be hanging on my tree, and they were not given to grandparents as gifts like we thought they may be.  I followed the recipe exactly, but after coming out of the oven they were gooey and soft, and looked really bad. Even several hours later after cooling they were still a big mess.  Oh, well! You live you learn.  Dane had fun playing in the dough, and it was something we did together.

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