Sunday, December 16, 2012


Last week Dopey was back to his mischievous ways.  

It started off with this...

Let's take a closer look...

Dane cracked up when he saw what Dopey had done.  He told me he thought Granny and Grandma was NOT going to be happy if they saw their hair.  Laughing out loud! 
Sorry Grandma/Grandpa, Granny/Poppy... you fell victim to Dopey. 

Then he decided that baking himself in the oven was a great idea the next day.

It took a little while before Dane found him.  

 I had told Dane that Dopey was cooking himself for our dinner.  And with his skeptical little look he said  "We aren't going to eat Dopey, he's just messing around.  That's all.  He is just messing around"
I think he was trying to convince himself more than me.  

Luckily, we remembered to take the cookie sheet with Dopey on it out of the oven before pre-heating it  to make dinner.  That could have been a disaster.  Ha

The next morning I woke up trapped in my bedroom.  Dopey had gone crazy with red streamers and had made it where I couldn't get out without the help from Dane.  I woke up to Dane yelling through the crack of my door "MOMMY MOMMY, Dopey did this. It's ok, I can get you out" My little hero ripped through each strand until they were all gone.  

And if you want to know what happens when Kevin is left in charge of Dopey...
 he does this.  No words.  

And instead of taking pictures I videoed him to catch his reaction.  I thought he was going to be totally disgusted... but instead he totally disgusted us!! HAHA  
Then he got mad at us in the video after we kept picking on him about what he did. words for the little dude. 

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