Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dopey's last week

Dopey had some more fun his last week and a half of hanging out at our house.  Dane grew pretty attached to him, and he was the first thing Dane wanted to look for every morning.  

One day he hid in a glass in our cabinet.  It took a while before Dane found him.  Kevin had to pretend to want water and open up the cabinet so Dane could finally find him.  We didn't get a picture of Dane this morning, but he thought the hiding spot was pretty funny.  

The next night he decorated our banister with some colored lights.  Dane thought they were so pretty, and then said he wished that Dopey had put colored lights on our tree because our tree isn't pretty with just white lights.  Hmm.  Alrighty then.  HAHA

We found Dopey doing some workouts the next morning.  And we got LOTS of smiles since Dopey had marshmallows involved.  The kid is obsessed with jumbo marshmallows.  

Dopey must have been flying so fast from the North Pole that he slammed into the door window the next morning.  He was stuck and needed some help from Dane.  
Dane did not buy it.  He told Kevin that he thought Dopey was just messing around and trying to trick him because Dopey knows how to fly, and he isn't allowed to touch him, so how is he suppose to help him get off the window.  Smart Boy.  

Dopey hadn't done anything to make Dane upset in a while, so he decided one more sneaky trick had to be done before ending his Christmas season.  
Dane found Dopey had colored all over his sheet that he had colored a few nights before.  And Dane was TICKED!!!  Then he got sad, because he said that picture was for me.  But, then he got mad again and told Dopey if he touched his crayons again he was going to spank his rear.  
Easy killer.  
After he left the house he was fine, and said he wasn't mad at Dopey anymore.  He was curious what Dopey would do the next night. 

Dopey had some fun the next night and created a zip line.  Dane thought it was super COOL!!!! He was happy that Dopey did this and didn't mess with any of his toys.  
He told us that he wanted Dopey to stay on the zip line the next day too, so we told him to tell Dopey that.  And sure enough Dopey listened and was still in the same spot the next morning.  

The night before we left to go to Orange Dopey was feeling a bit lazy and didn't do anything too crazy but land on top of our ledge above our front door.  He was just chilling and watching over the house.  

When we were leaving to go to Orange Dane noticed that Dopey was no longer on the ledge.  He was a little distraught, we tried to assure him that Dopey must have gone back to the North Pole early.  But, Dane was a little bothered that Dopey left during the day time, and not when we were sleeping.  
But, Dane had no idea that Dopey followed us to Orange.  :)
It sure made his morning when he woke up in Orange and Dopey was hanging out in my mom's plant on her kitchen table.  He made sure to tell Granny and Poppy all about Dopey, who he was, the rules of not touching him, that Dopey was his elf etc.  He was really excited though that Dopey found Granny's house.  

He hung out near Granny's Nativity scene the next morning...

Did he make it back to Cypress for his last night before going back to the North Pole till next December?? We shall see.  

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