Sunday, December 9, 2012


So, Dopey has not only caused some morning laughs but has caused a little person to start waking up at the crack of dawn to find him.  So early that his teachers at school asked me if something has changed recently. She told me that Dane has been quite a bit whiney the last few days, and actually taking naps during nap time.  He normally doesn't take naps anymore, so several days in a row of actually taking naps has left the teachers to start questioning what is going on.  
  It's called sleep deprivation.  Because of an elf.  Excitement of finding Dopey. 
Crazy? Um, yes.  
Friday night when putting Dane in bed Kevin and I told him he was not allowed to come out of his bedroom until it was light outside.  We told him to look out his blinds and if it was still dark he had to get back in his bed.  Because we needed sleep. And so did he. And waking up on a Saturday at 4:00 in the morning was not going to happen.  Period.  And trust me Dopey isn't going anywhere, no need to be found in the middle of the night.
I'm not sure if he stayed in his bed or not, but he did not start looking for Dopey til around 7:00 Saturday morning.  Success. 

Because of his early rising this week Wednesday and Thursday neither Kevin nor I saw his reaction to finding Dopey.  Wednesday I was in the shower at 4:20 AM, got out to find Dane awake and ready for the day.  He had already seen Dopey hanging out in his bathroom.  He brought me in there to show me, and told me I was going to be mad because Dopey drew on the mirror.  He then showed me the lego box still intact, and was very confused how Dopey got out of the box without breaking it.  Very sneaky Dopey, very sneaky. 

Dopey was feeling a tad lazy and exhausted the next night and all he could think to do that didn't involve a lot of effort was hang out in the powder bathroom with a slew of glow bracelets.  
But, this was another really early morning for the little dude, I believe he woke up and found him before my alarm even went off at 4:20.  So, I just made him stand next to him so I could take his picture.  

The next morning Dane woke up to a teaching session going on with Dopey and his star war figures.  Dopey was teaching them site words, and Dane thought it was HILARIOUS!  Dane didn't think Dopey really knew how to read, and thought he was pretending.  

The next morning Dopey annoyed Dane a tad.  He walked into our bedroom to find that Dopey had raided his piggy bank, and also had found his wallet.  At first he thought it was funny, thought Dopey had brought him a lot of change.

Then he realized that Dopey had taken out all of his coins from his own piggy bank.  
 But, the real annoyance came when he tried to get his wallet back and found that it was attached to Dopey... and he knows the rule is that he can't touch Dopey. 
 Then he pouted. 
 And pulled the wallet some more.
 Then pouted some more. 
 And some more.
 Then he took matters into his own hands and snatched the dollars out of the wallet.

 And when he couldn't get all of his money back he got really annoyed and might have assaulted Dopey without touching him.
 He told us that Dopey would not take his money again.
 Poor Dopey was left like this.  Hilarious.  Later on that day we found that Dane had picked up Dopey by the wallet and slung him on a chair.  We asked him if he had touched Dopey, and he said no and showed us how he very so gently picked up the wallet by the corner and then threw him across the room.  Nice. 
 And then this morning Dane came into our room saying he couldn't find Dopey anywhere.  He had turned on every light in the house, and didn't think Dopey had come back from the North Pole.  Hmm... maybe because you threw him he didn't come back.  
But, lo and behold we found him in the truck ready for a ride with his seatbelt on, some water in one of Dane's cups, and a snack. 

 Dane noticing him, and happy that he had come back.   
 He felt like Dopey had tricked him. 
 And then he got a little grumpy when he noticed that Dopey was wearing his necklace that was left in the car.  He loves this little $0.25 necklace he got out of one of those quarter machines, always wants to wear it.  Wouldn't you if you had a grenade necklace?/
 But, then got happy that Dopey was allowing him to eat some of his snack.  Marshmallows always brings a smile to this kid's face.  
What will Dopey do tonight?? That's a good question... No idea!

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