Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Elf Updates

I think Dane is finally just going with the flow with Dopey, and not taking everything so seriously.  He knows that Dopey is mischievous, and not really causing real harm to his toys.  He is starting to think Dopey's actions are more funny than annoying. Well... the last few days this is how he has been.  It's still early, and lots of time left for Dopey to tick Dane off again.  

Playing a little game of candy land with some of his buddies.  

Dane thought it was cute.  He did mention that he didn't think Dopey really knew how to play Candyland, but was ok with him trying.  
 his crazy I'm trying to annoy you smile
 His silly he cracks himself up smile
 And his almost natural smile
 Later on that evening I caught him "playing" Candy land with the crew

The next day we found Dopey in the fridge.  He had attempted to turn the milk red, but failed.  It was more of a pepto bismol color, and looked disgusting.  

 After getting over the initial shock, I think Dane was grossed out too.  He wouldn't try the milk that Dopey was drinking.  
 His main concern was trying to figure out how Dopey actually turned the milk pink.  Hmm.. no idea little buddy.

 We got him to hold the glass, but he refused to drink it.   I don't blame him. 

This morning Dane woke up to Dopey trapped in a lego box.  I thought for sure that if he was going to get mad this would be the day he would be.  He is VERY possessive over his legos. It's his favorite thing.  

Surprisingly, he wasn't at all.  He thought it was hilarious.  He was really confused how Dopey got in the box, and who built the box around him.  But, he was not annoyed at all.  Very surprised. 

 This is his WHAT?!?!? look,  He was shocked, but really liked the box that Dopey was in.

 Later on he told Kevin that he didn't think it was Woody from the Toy Story who did this to him, because he doesn't come to life, but had no idea which one of his toys could have possibly pulled this off. 

If you have any really really really creative Elf ideas for Dopey send them my way.  

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