Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting Caught Up

Whew! I'm starting to feel like I'm not drowning anymore with my blog and all the pictures that are steadily growing now that I'm done up through Christmas.  

What else has been going on lately...

well... I remembered just the other day that out of all my pictures I have taken in December I hadn't done my annual ones of Dane in front of the tree.  These aren't great, but they will have to do because our tree is no longer up and decorated.  :(


Dane went on his first field trip at school... 
The week before Christmas his class went and sang Christmas carols to a nearby nursing home.  He had fun riding the bus, and he said he participated while he was there.  Kevin sent me this picture when he had dropped him off at school.

The day after Christmas Kevin and I got to go to a fancy expensive restaurant for a date night complimentary of a really nice gift card from the Dr I work for.  We had a great time, and enjoyed some really really good food.  Not a restaurant we would typically go too because it was definitely on the pricey side.  But, it was nice to have a babysitter and enjoy a nice dinner! Thanks Jackie and Barry for letting us get away for the evening.  
I only had my cell phone, and it was really dark in the restaurant so these pics are really grainy.  

While Barry and Jackie was here we celebrated Barry's birthday with some great food from Pappadeaux's and a cookie cake. Kevin takes sole responsibility for the wording of the cake.  :)
Not to offend anyone, because Barry calls himself this too.  

On Saturday Dane took a road trip to New Orleans with Jackie and Barry to visit Barry's sister and Dane's Great Grandma.  Kevin was suppose to be on this little trip, but on Friday decided to catch the flu instead.  Here's some pics From Jackie on their trip. Aunt Barby and Great Grandma had presents for Dane to open when he got there.  Spoiled much?

Dane has been using his new sleeping bag as a hiding spot or a tent to hide in to watch the "wild animals" that live in our house.

Ok, I'm just about caught up.  Just need to do New Years Eve, and my 2012 recap...

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