Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Getting closer...

8 Days till Christmas:

This day was dedicated to Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer.
Dane got a new Christmas coloring book that I scored for $0.50, so we colored some pictures while we waited for dinner to cook.  Then finished the night off with some Rudolph Oreos and watched our Rudolph movie.  

7 Days till Christmas:
We made our reindeer food to spread out in the yard, so when Christmas came the reindeers would be able to know which home to stop at.  It was a little early, but it was the only time we could fit it in before leaving to go out of town.  So, we assured Dane that the food would still be there for the reindeers, and they would still be able to see it when they flew in Christmas Eve night.  
Reindeer food is really easy... oatmeal for the reindeers to eat, sprinkles for something sweet, and glitter that would catch the moon's light so the reindeer knows where to land.  Super easy! We already had all the stuff so nothing was needed to buy.  It's suppose to be the bigger oats, but we had oatmeal so just used that instead.  I'm pretty sure the reindeers won't mind.  

6 Days till Christmas:

I had something else planned for this day, but it was a long day at work.  I was exhausted, and had sooooo much to do to get us ready for Christmas, leaving town, getting our house ready for visitors etc so I was feeling like there was no way I could do what we had planned that night and feeling a tad stressed and overwhelmed. But, I knew that Dane would be asking to pull a card the second I walked in the door that evening.  I had asked Kevin to come up with an easy idea that we could do instead, and he couldn't think of anything.  Nothing.  Come on Kevin... I thought of 25 things for us to do during our countdown... you couldn't think of just 1?? Men!! Ha
Thankfully, my work buddy Kristy suggested us doing ice cream! Yes! That's it! So, before I left work I looked up a picture I could print out and change the card when I got home.  I stopped by the grocery store on my way home and got all the stuff needed to make ice cream sundays.
Boy, was this idea a hit!!! I was shocked at how EXCITED Dane was when he saw the card.  He was SOOOO EXCITED to make sundays, and even more excited that we had whip cream and cherries to put on top.  It really is the little things guys!!! So, after dinner we made ice cream Sundays, and it was good to sit and eat ice cream together before getting into the hustle and bustle of packing and all that.  

5 Days till Christmas:

Our church had a Kids Crazy Christmas Show that we went too that night.  The Gonzalez gang joined us which was fun!  It was a cute show that included singing, dancing and puppets that told the Christmas show in a fun unique way.  

Getting closer to the end of our countdown!! Then I gotta do some elf updates, and then of course Christmas!  Hit older posts for more days of our countdown!!

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