Sunday, December 2, 2012

I "Must Ache" you a question...

We had a busy Saturday.  We woke up early because, someone not saying any names, was up at the crack of dawn looking for our darn elf.  Early meaning 5:30 AM.  On a Saturday. No bueno.  Like seriously, dude???  We inherited an early riser.  I've never been one to really sleep in.  I'm a morning person, but I can guarantee that I was never up that early ready to start the day.  I get up at 4:20ish on work days, not by choice... but on weekends I expect to sleep to at least 7.  That's not too much to ask is it??

Kevin started off the day getting my oil changed in my car, and even a good washing.  Thanks Honey.  
Then what started out as a quick trip to the Apple store at the mall to get out laptop fixed turned into a several hour adventure.  Did you know that you have to have an appointment to even talk to someone at the Apple store...the store that is located in the mall? 
Yeah. You do.  Annoying.  So, we got there with hopes to run to the Apple store to get a new battery, and run to a couple stores to find Dane Christmas pjs for his school program and be home with plenty of time to just chill before doing the things we had planned.  Not so much.  Did you know that finding pjs in size 5T that's not too cheesy for an almost 5 year old is nearly inpossible?? Yeah, me neither.  
So, needless to say we got to the mall to find that we had to waste LOTS of time before our appointment at the Apple store, and after going to every store that carries kids clothes I still need Christmas pjs by Thursday.  Good times.

Ok, so let us get to the good stuff.  Like the time I wore a mustache, and liked it.
We went to our friend's Melanie and Mike's kids party Saturday afternoon.  It was a tutu/mustache cute is that???   It was such a cute party, and I'm sad to say I didn't get any pictures besides CELL phone pictures.My excuse is that I didn't know anyone besides the party throwers, and the Gonzalez gang so I felt too intimidated to be that crazy girl with the fancy camera taking pictures of all the details.  Ha
 There were mustaches galore... and tutu's for all the little girls. Super cute!
 Dane had a blast playing with all the kids.. He always gets attached to something no matter where he goes.  It's a classic Dane.  At this party he got attached to this Las Vegas hat, binoculars, and Captain America shield which he has here at our house.  He carried all this stuff the entire time we were at the party.  He is still a tad hoard-er-ish... and he is very possessive, so holds onto things because he is  scared someone will steal them..  Think he needs counseling.  Ha
 Layla, the birthday girl!!! She turned 1, and was sooooo cute in her tutu. 

 And Preston the birthday boy, he turned 4 the other day as well. Their birthdays are about 2 weeks apart, so Melanie came up with a great idea of birthday themes to celebrate them both. 

Of course, you know Dane... the star of this little show aka blog Ha

 Christy and I sporting our staches... don't be jealous.
 Unibrow anyone??
hanging with the Gonzalez Clan... Good times

I'm too tired to update about 24 and 23 days of Christmas... sorry. Guess the whole month I may just be a tad behind.  So, stay tuned.  

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