Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Thursday was Dane's school Christmas program.
His class sang Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.  He looked super cute even though he pretty much just stood there and quietly sang the song.  I think he was distracted by the glasses he was wearing.  When we would practice the song he would get more into it and sing loud.  Maybe he got a little stage fright.  Ha
Oh, and I didn't get the memo that when the teachers told us that they needed to wear PJs to the CHRISTMAS program that it could be any kind of pjs.  I just assumed that it was Christmas pjs that were suppose to be worn.  All that stress over me finding pjs was for nothing!! Half the kids had on Christmas pjs, and half had on regular.  But, he looked really cute in his checkered pjs with a lil Santa on the pocket.  

Here's a little video.  Dane is the 2nd kid walking in, and also the kid who shouts "HI MOMMY", and the same kid who yelled "I love you".  And then he is also the kid who kept checking his watch before it got started.  Maybe he had a lunch date or something, and just wanted it to be over.  Ha  He is so funny.  

After  the program the kids got to see "Santa".  The second Dane saw him he said "HEEEEYY that's not the REAL Santa".  So, I had to do the whole "Well, Santa has helpers, and the school brought in this Santa just for fun, and we are going to see the "REAL" Santa next week and yada yada yada".  
He thought it was funny that Santa's helper was at his school pretending to be Santa.  Hilarious.  But, it didn't stop him when it was his turn he got right on Santa's lap, and told him a list of things he wanted for Christmas.  
 The school could have done a little better job with picking a Santa just saying... I don't know maybe someone that doesn't look like he is a 30 year old Santa.  Ha

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