Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa's Wonderland

12 days till Christmas Part 2

We had such a fun night when we visited Santa's Wonderland last Thursday. It was one of the few nights in December that it was actually pretty cold, so it felt even more Christmasy.  We drove up to College Station as soon as Kevin got home from work.  We got there in plenty of time to get near the front of the line, so we had no wait when they opened up the gates.  Dane and I stood up through my sunroof while Kevin drove us through the trail of lights.  The lights are really cool, so many to look at and ooh and ahh over.  

After the lights we parked and went to Santa's Town to look at all the shops, listen to the Christmas bands playing, eat some yummy food, drank hot chocolate, hung out by camp fires etc etc.  It was such a great evening!! We really enjoyed it, and I think this will have to be a yearly tradition!!!!!  

I'm so far behind with all my pictures that I'm biting my pride and going to put them on here without doing any editing. I'm not sure how I will ever catch up on here.  While standing in the sunroof I had my camera that I was taking pictures of the scenery with, and my cell phone that I was taking pictures of Dane.  I was too close to him to use the lens on my camera while standing right next to him.  So this post is a mixture of pictures from both cameras, and they are all out of order, and I'm going to grin and bear it and not spend time organizing them.  That's what happens when you have hundreds of pictures to go through.  
So, Just a warning... Picture Overload Ahead!!

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