Sunday, December 2, 2012

The countdown begins... 25

Where did November go?? I was telling Kevin that I seriously do not remember anything from November.  It was just his birthday and Halloween and now it's December.  November was a blur.  
So close to Christmas, and the end of the year.  Amazing how fast this year flew.

I decided to add a few fun things this year to celebrate Christmas.  The elf being one of them.
But, I also decided to do a countdown to Christmas.  I got my craft on recently, and made this...I can't take all the credit, a friend from work helped me by making the numbers.
I thought it would be fun for Dane to pull a number each day leading up to Christmas.  On the back of each number I put a picture of a Christmas activity for us to do that day.  It's all stuff we do every year anyway, or things I knew we would be doing this year so I just assigned them to a day.  During the week, and days that I get home late or days that Dane has swimming the activity is something easy.  But, it's stuff we can do as a family to spend time together while celebrating Christmas.  

So, our countdown started Friday night.  Friday was 25 days till Christmas.  Can you believe we are that close??

When I got home from work I made some cookies.  Before Dane pulled the card he saw the cookies I was making and instantly said these cookies look like the Grinch!!  
Such a smart little dude! 
He pulled the card and lo and behold the night was dedicated to the Grinch!  He was so excited!  He might have pulled all the cards down.  Ha

I made Grinch mint chocolate chip cookies, and Grinch punch, and we got all comfy and watched the How The Grinch Stole Christmas movie.  Twice actually.  It was so much fun! A Great Friday night, and great beginning to our countdown!

 Grinch punch is SOOO yummy.  Lime sherbet blended with sprite, and green food coloring to give it a little extra boost of green. So easy!

 It's fair to say that Dane overdosed on Grinch cookies.  He was sneaking them in his mouth as often as he could.  
and some cell phone pics

 Grinch cookies are addicting!!! SOOOO GOOOD.  Sugar cookies, with Andes candies, and chocolate chips, and of course green food coloring.  Super Easy Peasy.

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RealDanaGentry said...

Sooo cute!!! Love this! I am going to do green sherbert drinks this week too! What did you use for the rim of the glasses and how did it stick on there? lol :)