Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Dopey Saga continues

Ok, SORRY SORRY SORRY I have been keeping you waiting for our elf recaps.  
Our battery for our laptop went completely dead the other day, so I wasn't able to upload pictures until today when we got it fixed.  
I know you have been just sitting on the edge of your seat! HaHa

Well, the roller coaster continues.  It's hilarious how hot and cold he has been towards Dopey.  Every morning he wakes up, and it is the first thing he thinks about.  He jumps out of bed and goes running to find him.  The days that he has to be woken up for school he is on the lookout for him the second his clothes are on to see what he was up to the night before.  And after seeing what damage Dopey has done determines if he is going to be happy and like Dopey, or be ticked off. 
And special props to Kevin who has had to take some pictures this week...

Because Dopey had tied up Superman and Batman to the ceiling fan the previous night Dane's army men took control and paid "Ol Dopey back.  Dopey was found handcuffed to a chair with tape over his mouth while being surrounded by army men and their guns.  We really thought Dane would have thought it was hilarious to see Dopey tied up with his army protecting our house, but Dane didn't buy the whole scenario.  Rough Crowd.

And I quote "MY army men DID NOT DO THIS, they are not real they are just toys.  DOPEY did this".  He was annoyed that once again Dopey had used his toys as props.  He is a bit possessive, obviously of his toys.  

He started removing the army men from the chair, and was headed to take them back upstairs when Kevin told him that Dopey was going to tell Santa that he doesn't share his toys.  
Dane stopped dead in his track, and then went and put the army back to watch over Dopey to make sure he doesn't do anything else.  His reactions crack me up!! Is it bad I kind of like torturing him with "Ol Dopey??? HaHa

Dane also made the comment "Why does Dopey keep playing with all my toys" while sighing a ol big sigh. 


Happy Camper right there. 
Seriously, Dopey quit annoying Dane.

The next morning we had a little construction site going on under our tree.  Dump trucks were brought in with loads of dirt  marshmallows.  You would have thought that there were loads of legos with the way Dane reacted when he saw it.  He was SO excited that Dopey brought him marshmallows to snack on.  Like really really excited. He was so excited that he actually took a sandwich bag full of marshmallows for his snack time at school. 

His actual words were "I like what Dopey did. That was really nice of him"
Then he also said "I guess my army men let him go"

Dane can't make up his mind if he likes Dopey or not.  It's all situational.   It's a riot.

You scored some points Dopey!! Who knew marshmallows could be just the ticket for Dopey to win Dane's affection.

Dopey was back to his mischievous ways come the next night.  He is always into something.  
You just can't trust this little guy.  
Dopey got bored after his trip to the North Pole and ended up raiding Dane's underwear drawer.  We woke up to our stockings missing, and Dane's underwear in their place.  
I really thought Dane was going to be mad that they were hanging for the world to see.  But, he wasn't at all. In fact he thought it was hilarious!!!  First he just saw the underwear and hadn't seen Dopey yet.  
He was laughing and pointing. He was like WHAT???
Then he spotted Dopey and yelled 
"EEEEEWWWWW, that Elf is wearing MY UNDERWEAR, THAT'S DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!" 

I cracked up.  He is SO funny, it's unreal.  He also thought it was crazy funny when he saw Santa had underwear on his head.  He said "This is so funny, I do that to my head too".  

Then later on he asked "why didn't Dopey wear my Batman underwear instead"?
Um... no idea little dude, I think it was late and he just picked a pair with not putting too much thought into it.  

 When he noticed Dopey in his underwear...


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