Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Celebrate good times

Saturday was the big day! Dane's "party" at Lego land. I can not even begin to tell you how excited Dane was.  We started off our special day with Dane unwrapping an early birthday present... a new movie to make the car ride go smoothly.  

 Then we headed out pretty dang early, made a quick trip to Mc Donald's to get breakfast and were on our way.   We went straight to Lego land, and had a few minutes to look around in the lego store while waiting for Tabitha and Gage to arrive.  
Dane immediately saw a bin where you could make your own lego men... right up his alley.  He is all about the lego men, changing their heads and bodies, making them fight, talk to each other etc etc.  So, we let him make 3 men that could become part of our gigantic lego family. 
Just a warning... a crazy insane amount of pictures are coming.  And there was so much that I didn't get pictures of.  

In case you can't tell... Dane's fake/awkward smile still comes out all the time.  Ha

Dane was super pumped when Gage arrived.  The boys were SOOOO excited to get into lego land for a day full of fun.  

When we first entered the boys had to take a picture in front of this green wall... and then they put a lego theme background behind them and want you to pay $25 for a tiny little key chain... so just imagine lego men all around them! Ha

So, when you arrive you wait in a little hallway for the "professor", while watching a lego cartoon.  Then the professor comes out, and the fun begins.  He gives you a little tour and shows you how legos are made.  Really cute introduction before entering the play area. 
Dane got picked to "help" turn a crane to send the legos down a pipe.  He took his job very seriously.  
After the tour you are led to a really cute ride that gets you into lego land. You are told that the princess has been captured, and we need to save her.  Everyone has their own laser gun, and the car drives you to a bunch of screens with lego men and "bad" people and you shoot the laser guns at the bad people or the targets and it counts your points.  The boys sat in the front, so I didn't get any pictures except for this one of the back of their heads.  And once you got started photography wasn't allowed during the ride.  I thought the introduction to getting into lego land was super cute.  
Inside there is a room called mini land.  It's basically a room filled with every cool landmark in Dallas made out of legos.  Really neat.  These pictures are out of order, and I didn't get pictures of all of it, but it was really impressive.  The Cowboys Stadium, the Ranger stadium, the Dallas fair (not sure of the exact name), the house where the show Dallas is filmed, airports, tall buildings, the AA building etc etc... all made out of legos.  Everything looked exactly how it is in real life.  

There is a 4D movie theater that is included that was really cool.  We watched a 20 minute lego animated movie while wearing the cool glasses.  There were moments in the movie that you felt whatever weather was occurring in the show.  If cars were driving super fast, you would feel crazy amounts of wind, at one point it snowed on us and there was a mist of rain that hit us as well. If cars were going down hills, it felt like you were in the car.  Really cool. The glasses make it seem like the character is right there in front of your seat, and a few times during the movie I saw both Dane and Gage reaching out trying to touch whatever was in front of them.  Hilarious.  

The boys also got to drive lego police cars.  This was them "listening" to the rules by a worker... as you can see Dane is not paying attention at all.  Ha I think he was bored by the instructions, and was thinking come on already, how hard can this be?
Thumbs up for picking out the perfect car, and getting ready to drive.

Dane got passed by a couple older kids, and he was not happy.  HA!
There was a station that you could make your own lego car, and then race them down ramps.  This for some reason was Dane and Gage's favorite thing to do.  We spent sooooo much time at these ramps racing their cars.  They both really wanted to push the button to start the race.  They would watch their cars race down the ramp, and then run to get their car and back to start over.  They were obsessed.

The boys also enjoyed riding this pedal ride. I can't remember what everything was called... but everything had a name that was geared with a lego theme. The faster you pedaled the higher you went.  It went pretty fast, and Kevin took one for the team and got his workout in so Dane could go really high. They weren't tall enough to ride without an adult.  

Getting set up to pedal... I don't think Dane actually did any pedaling... pretty sure he just sat back and let Kevin do all the work.
Best picture I got when they were up high.. it was going pretty fast, and I just wasn't quick enough with my camera.  
There was a HUGE gigantic playground.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but the boys played in that thing for the longest time, and kept coming back to it after doing other things.  I think there was one point that Dane was in there for 1 1/2 hrs and never acted interested in coming out.  It was huge with obstacles courses, slides, lego foam pits, things to climb and jump on.  Really neat, and Dane loved it.  
He was pretty sweaty and dying of thirst when we finally got him out.  He had the best time.  

This picture is out of order...oops
More pictures from the ramps.  Kevin helped the boys build cars that would go fast on the ramp.  We did everything there several times, including the laser gun ride a couple more times too.  We spent hours at lego land, and the boys really had a blast.  They loved every single minute of it.  When seeing how much fun Dane was having it confirmed my idea of bringing him there and not doing a party.  I was worried that he would be sad that he didn't get a party, or be disappointed that he only had one friend there.  But, it never came up when we were there.  He truly had such a great time.  I know I made the right decision.  The entire day was all stuff that he loved, and he is so obsessed with legos that he really couldn't have asked for a better day.  I think this was the best way to celebrate him turning 5.  

When it was time to go home, we went back to the lego store and let Dane pick out a lego set for his birthday.  It actually turned out great, because he had seen a set that he really wanted when we first arrived.  I wasn't sure if he would go with that set when it was all said and done.  But, when we went back to the store he was still dead set on getting that one he had picked.  It ended up being a lego set that Gage had gotten for Christmas that Tabitha hadn't opened yet. She had it hidden in a closet... Gage wasn't really into legos before then, so she had it hidden for later. We had no idea that Gage already had it, so when we got back to their house the boys got to put together the same set that evening, and then both play with them.  Really cool, especially since they always want the same toy.  Made for a peaceful evening! Ha
We also let the boys fill up a cup of legos.  You can put as many legos as you can fit in a cup for a certain price.  Gage had that baby stuffed.  Dane was more on the cautious side... he was picking one lego piece at a time.  Took forever to fill his cup up.  He was putting serious thought into what lego pieces he was wanting or needing.  Kevin had to sneak legos in his cup because why pay the same price for a half filled cup vs a full cup.  Crazy boy.

No party is complete without singing Happy Birthday, blowing out candles and enjoying some cake.  I got a cookie cake to help make the little dude feel special about his big day.  
I might have put trick candles on the cake.  
Maybe... I'm not saying I did for sure.  
But, all I know is that Dane blew out the candles about 8 times.  And at first he thought it was hilarious... then he started getting pretty annoyed and didn't think it was that funny.  HAHAHA

And just for the record... I have no idea what that is on Dane's wrist.  It's only in this picture, it's not really on him in real life.  It looks like a horrible bruise... no idea beacuse he doesn't have a bruise on his wrist.  Maybe it's a shadow. 

Lego land was a HUGE success!! Dane loved every minute of his party.  I feel really good about my decision to bring him to Lego land.  We spent the entire day there, and probably could have stayed longer.  Perfect way to celebrate my little man turning 5.  
Dane's birthday is Thursday.  Can't believe he is actually turning 5!!