Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Recap

I'm still in denial that 2012 is over.  As the year was coming to an end I was trying to reflect on where this year has gone.  It went by so fast, and it feels like such a blur.  At first I couldn't remember any details of the year, I thought did we even do anything this year???  Then I started looking back through my blog, and came to my senses.  We did a lot.  We made a lot of memories and had a lot of good times.  Moments like this is what makes me happy I keep a blog, to remember the details of all that we have done.  Because life is busy and things all start to run together.  
2012 was a good year.  Nothing too crazy, but filled with a lot.

Here is a little Recap of what all this past year was like.  Some months had more going on than others, and some months I could make 10 collages for all that we did.  

Not sure what 2013 will bring.  It's already started off great with a visit to Dallas to watch the Aggies kick some Sooner bootay in the Cotton Bowl.  More on that later...

Some things that I know will happen this year:

-Dane turns 5 (can not believe that is happening)
-We are taking him to Lego Land for his birthday
-Kevin and I will celebrate 7 years of marriage
-Dane is going to play tee-ball
-Dane is continuing to take swimming lessons
-We will have a kindergartner come August (can not believe this is happening either)

Everything else will be an added bonus.  

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