Sunday, December 30, 2012

~~Christmas 2012~~

We had a great Christmas!! I set my alarm for 6:00 but just continued to lay in bed.  I knew Dane would wake up early, and I was scared he would go look at all the presents and I would miss everything.  Sure enough he woke up at 6:20, and busted in our room screaming "It's Christmas It's Christmas"!!! 
So, we jumped up and woke up Grandpa and Grandma and started the fun.  
Dane was on the nice list, and Santa really came through with the gifts.  He had quite a few gifts from Santa, along with from us and from Grandpa and Grandma to open on Christmas morning, and he was really excited.  To just name a few things he got a new bike, lots of legos, star war toys, a toy hunting gun, costumes, walkie talkies, games and more.  He liked everything he got, I think he really enjoyed Christmas this year.  We had a relaxing day. After we did presents we made a yummy breakfast and relaxed and played with all of Dane's new toys.  The day was laid back, we enjoyed leftovers from our Christmas Eve dinner, and just enjoyed being together.  The weather was pretty nasty, rained most of the morning and then cleared up but was pretty chilly that afternoon.  So, Dane really didn't get to ride his bike much, I think he went once around the neighborhood before having to go in because it was just too cold.  He spent most of the day building all his new lego sets.  
 Surprisingly, Santa ate most of his cookies... just left a small half of the 8th cookie.  

 Dane busting into the room with all the gifts.  He went straight to his stocking.

 His stocking had some fun stuff in it like a small lego set, batman wallet, binoculars, lego men, candy etc. 

 When we were at Bass Pro shop to see Santa Dane got VERY attached to this wooden hunting gun.  He loved it, and really sad to leave it behind. Santa had already finished with all of his toys for Dane, but decided that this would be a really good surprise at Christmas. And it was!!

 Dane has been wanting this HUGE lego police station for over a year, but we have always told him he wasn't getting it, because it was too big and too much money.  So, I knew Dane would be THRILLED to get it.  Luckily, Santa lucked out and got it for $40 cheaper! Woohoo Santa... good job!
 He loves costumes and dressing up, so Grandpa and Grandma got him a transformer costume which is really cool, and he also got a new Spider Man costume since he still wears his torn up size 2T one from 3 Halloweens ago! Ha
 This kid is all about legos, and he is excited no matter which ones he gets!!

 Grandpa got him a giant sized nutcracker as sort of a joke to match a normal sized one that Grandma got him.  It will be a good decoration for us to use next year!

 Dane has been wanting real walkie talkies to play with.  He has been using his old baby monitor and pretending that it was walkie talkies.  So, Grandpa and Grandma got him some real ones.  

 He spent HOURS working on his lego sets, and really did most of them by himself only needing Kevin to help a little.  

 this was the biggest lego set he has ever gotten.  9 bags of legos.  783 lego pieces I believe.  What was Santa thinking??? Just that many more legos all spread out over the playroom floor. 

 Dane taking his first ride on his new bike around the his transformer costume of course. 

 playing his new WII game, he was really excited to get the Batman Lego wii game. 

 Dane got a Spiderman operation game.  I had forgotten how fun this game is to play!
Later that evening we made some cupcakes for Jesus's birthday and Dane sang him Happy Birthday to him.
It was such a Great Christmas Season for us this year.  We did so many Christmas things as a family, which was really nice.  We really enjoyed the whole season this year!  
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! 

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