Monday, January 7, 2013

Hanging out in the Big D

Thursday we headed out to spend a little time in Dallas with Tabitha before the big game Friday.  We were so pumped to get to Dallas and go to the Cotton Bowl.  Dane was beyond excited to see Gage.  And I was looking forward to holding Lillian again.  We got into town around 12:30, and just hung out only leaving to go get Mexican food to go that evening.  The boys played and played and Chad and Kevin watched football while Tab and I just laid around  and chit chatted.  Of course, I held Lillian the entire time I was there! She is such a sweet baby.  She smiles every time you make eye contact with her and even look like you are going to talk to her.  

The boys ate popcorn and had a movie night.  As I was sitting there with them I had to grab my phone and record their conversation. They were so funny talking to each other.  So grown up.  Gage asked Dane who was his family.  I didn't catch the first part where he mentioned his parents and grandparents.  But what I did get on video is super cute.  You have to get past the fact that he is shoving popcorn in his face, and eating it off of himself.  But, it's just too cute.  He is so proud to be a big cousin.  

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