Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This Christmas we were given a wonderful exciting maybe a once in a lifetime gift.  Before we even knew the Aggie bowl game destination Kevin's mom surprised us with a call asking if we would be interested in going to watch the Aggies play.  Um... We didn't even have to think about it twice.  We shouted "OF COURSE WE DO"!!!! Then we hoped and hoped that the Aggies would get picked for the Cotton Bowl, since it would be very easy to get to.  Sure enough Aggies got picked, and our tickets were bought!! We were SOOO excited.  Any Aggie game is fun to go too, but attending an Aggie game in the Cotton Bowl in the new Dallas Cowboy stadium is just too good to be true! 

To say that we had an absolute blast would be a total understatement.  It was such a fun and exciting experience.  We arrived to the stadium with plenty of time to find our parking lot which was a chore, get a bite to eat, find our seats and watch the players warm up, and of course take some pictures.  The first half was so exciting, yet very nerve wracking.  It was close close close, but the excitement and the energy was something so crazy.  Words just can't explain the energy the Aggies fans have.  Anytime OU had the ball the Aggies would raise the roof with the amount of roaring and cheering and yelling. Noise like you have never heard. No way those OU players could hear themselves talk to call a play.  Johnny Manziel is amazing to watch in person.  The kid is a ninja out there, he is so impressive.  You can't help but just to scream your hearts out every time he gets the ball, and does an amazing play.  At the end of the half it was 14-13 with Aggies leading.  I really thought the whole game was going to go that way.  I just knew that the Aggies would have to fight the entire game to stay on top.  I told Kevin as they were leaving to go the locker room that I really hoped that their coach PUMPED them up during halftime.  I wanted their speech to be so fired up, that they would come out and DOMINATE the 2nd half.  
Well, I got my wish.  They came out on fire.  The 3rd quarter was crazy.  The Aggies came out and killed OU. Touch Down after Touchdown, and anytime OU had the ball they would shut them down like it was nothing.  I think we pretty much lost it when we were on a 4th down, and instead of punting Johnny Manziel went for it and ended up scoring a touchdown.  Talk about fans going nuts.  It was SOOO cool to look around, there was an entire side filled with Aggies.  And to see all them waving their white flags and cheering so loud was just a really cool experience.  4th quarter OU pretty much fell apart.  I think they were shocked that Aggies were playing so hard maybe.  They looked like a team that should not be in the Cotton Bowl. Like a team that was overrated. They kept showing the quarterback on the big screen, and he looked like he was on the verge of tears.  Womp Womp.  Ha  
The sad part was during the 4th quarter when the Aggies scored their last touchdown making the score 41-13 ALL the OU fans got up and started making their way out of the stadium. There was still so much time left, and they all left so early.  Sad really... Can't stay till end to support your team? Only support them when they are on top??  
It was such a fun game!! Everything about the whole night I absolutely loved.  It was truly a neat experience that I will never forget, and memories we can talk about forever.  
Thank you so much Jackie for giving us this amazing experience!! 

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