Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spin'n those wheels

Dane is loving his new wheels.  Santa did a good job, although tonight when we were out riding he did mention that he wished Santa had put a bell on his bike.  He cracks me up.  I questioned him and asked why do you want a bell? He responded by saying "I could ring it when cars are coming, so they could hear me".   I said "Oh well, maybe Santa didn't know you wanted a bell".  He said "it's ok, we could just buy one and Daddy could screw it on".   Smart boy.  Maybe for his birthday I can find the boy a bell.  We will see.  

Until then we will just ride the bike with no bell.  Around and around the neighborhood or in this day's case around the "lake" by our house.  
Around and around we go... with his cute shark helmet.  

 Dane is too fast to keep up with.  Ha

 Dane walking his bike up the "big" incline.  His little legs just can't pedal hard enough to go up, yet.  Gotta get those muscles stronger.  He pedals and pedals but somehow continues to go down and not up.  It is pretty steep... the picture doesn't do it justice.  
And Kevin walking his bike to help with the "big" decline.  The boy is still learning the brake technique.  If there wasn't a huge body of water at the bottom of this steep decline I would say just let him go for it.  But.... you know that probably wouldn't end well.  Ha

I think Santa did good with the bike.  Dane seems to like it, and I think it's the perfect size for him.  The seat can be adjusted as he grows, as he seems to be doing at lightening speed.  

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