Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The weather has been great here, and we have taken full advantage of it lately.  It's been chilly, but gorgeous outside.  Lots of time has been spent outside.  I know that in a few short months we will be smack dab in the middle of the inferno.  Dane is already asking about going to the neighborhood pool.  Still a bit too chilly for that, but very soon we will be hanging out there.  

After we were done with all of Dane's tee- ball practices and meetings Saturday Kevin got the great idea for us to go play Frisbee golf.  I had never heard of it, but was willing to go just to get us out of the house and enjoy being outside.  The boys had fun, I'm not sure it could be considered one of my things or something I would want to do often. :) But, it was good to do something active outside.  Dane was able to run around and get out some hyper energy that he had from being inside.  

The parks in our area have gotten lots of play as well.  There are several near us, so depending on the mood or which direction we are we change it up quite a bit with what parks we go to.  I'm trying to take advantage of the nice weather, because I know that I won't want to be sitting in the heat once it's in the 80's +.  

Everyone needs to have a lunch date that includes girlfriends from time to time.  I was definitely needing some girl time, so I was really happy that Christy and I were able to make it over to College Station to see our girl Becca.  We started off with some lunch at Cheddars, and then went to Messina Hoff to do a wine tasting.  We got to meet Becca's new boyfriend, and enjoy some belly laughs which is always great! We had such a great time, and I was sad to see it end! 

Today my mom came into town to hang out for the day.  Dane and I were both excited to see her.  We enjoyed some yummy lunch at ?? Yep, Gringos, hit up Sonic for a happy hour drink and visited Home Goods.  But, most of our time was spent just hanging out at the house.  Even though they are short visits, I love when my mom can come into town.   She always stops in Baytown at Cracker Barrel, she claims for a bathroom break.  But, really I think it gives her an excuse to do some shopping before arriving at my house.  Today she showed up with a cute duck hunt toy.  It's all fine and dandy until you turn the thing on, and it's like you are stuck inside a huge carnival. Crazy loud arcade music, and loud duck quacks.  She likes to torment me with loud and obnoxious toys for Dane.  I think she does it on purpose.  Ha  
But, Dane loved it and was really happy she was in town. 
Is it Friday yet?? 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Didn't realize we were playing in the Major league...

Tee-ball is in full swing.  Well, the practices anyway.  The games don't start for another month, but we are at the field Mondays and Saturdays for practices.  I say that it has been in full swing, but really the last 2 Mondays we have gotten rained out.  No complaints here! Ha  What we are finding though, is that little league baseball is waaaaay different than little league soccer.  Soccer we just had to pay our money to be in the league, show up for practices and games,  and get our trophy the last game and call it a day.  But... baseball requires a lot more of your time.  A lot more.  
A couple weeks ago before we had met anyone on the team we found out there was a "Team Mom", and I have to be honest at first I was like how did she get picked feeling a little jaded. Not that I wanted to be the team mom... but feeling like we should have a say on it.  HaHa It's obvious that she and her family already knew the coach way before the season started.  But, now that we have gotten a "few" emails of all that is required of the team that the team mom is in charge of I'm having a little celebratory dance that I am in fact not the team mom or friends with who is.  Because let me tell you... that woman is going be a little on the stressed side when it's all said and done.  
So, not only is there practices and games, but we have to come up with a sponsor for our team.  And if there is no sponsor then our team has to fork over $400 to the league.  The team mom is in charge with trying to find a local business that will sponsor our team.  Um... girl you better find us a sponsor.  We had/have to make a basket with a theme that can be used for a silent auction item that will be bid on on opening day.  We will have concession stand duties meaning we have to volunteer in the stand and be cashiers.  Opening Day there is a big parade for all the teams, which we as a team have to make a float for.  I feel like I'm forgetting stuff.  But, it's a lot.  Little overwhelming reading the emails. This is tee-ball, not pro ball.  But, we are just going to roll with it.  

Dane is really enjoying the practices.  They haven't really gotten into the rules of the game yet, it's been mostly basic stuff.  But, he seems to have fun when he is there, and tries hard when it's his turn to do drills.  He is making friends with his teammates, which is never a concern for me because the boy could seriously talk to a wall.  He's never shy, but it's cute to watch him having real conversations with other little boys.  I have no idea if Dane will like this sport or not, if it will be something he will enjoy.  I don't really care either way, but all I can do is expose him to different activities so he can figure out what he likes to do and doesn't.  So, far he seems to enjoy being there.  And I have to say he is super duper cute with his baseball helmet on swinging that bat.  Like super cute.  :)

Lots of pictures from today's practice... but would you expect anything less?
Being crazy running the bases.  
Who has their glove on the correct hand???  MEEEEEE!! All the kids tend to want to put it on their dominant hand.  Coach has to take a little time correcting and figuring it out because there are a couple left handers on the team. 
Doing the 2 finger and thumb grab of the ball...

lots of time spent on getting the ball when it's "rolled" to ya.  Trying to get them used to working the glove before attempting catching with it.  

Hold your ball with the 3 fingers, point with your glove to your target, and throw, and follow through.  And repeat.
Learning how to hold a bat, swing etc and let's not forget how to keep the bats to our self.  Man alive when the boys are doing the bat skills the parents are holding their breaths.  Boys like to swing bats... and put bats above their heads, and use bats as weapons.  The coach had to have a very STERN lecture that bats are to be kept by their sides at all times unless batting so there isn't an injury.  5 year old boys with metal bats... yeah let's have a moment of silence and pray for the safety of our team.  For real. 

No idea what to say about this picture... and this kid.  Crazy ham.   

At the very end of the practice there was a 10 min mock game.  And it was HI-LAR-IOUS.  We got a lot of work to do.  A lot!! Ha The kids batted and had to run to first base.  The kids on the field had to try and get it and throw it to the coach at first base.
Dane was in the outfield, which meant he was doing his own thing because no kid batted the ball past the pitcher. But, he was ready just in case that ball came to him.  Or at least he had his glove on.  Ha!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The weekend in cell pictures

It's been a relaxing weekend.  I was off Thursday already and suppose to be off today, so I went ahead and made a long weekend out of it and took Friday off.  Thursday was Valentine's so the day was spent doing all that cheesy heart stuff I mentioned earlier.  Friday, Dane and I hung out at the house for a while.  He was super duper hyper with so much energy so we took a trip to Memorial City Mall and let him run around for a couple hours at the playground.

I brought my new book to read while he played, and it was such an easy great read that I was nearly done when it was time to leave the playground.  I've been reading this girl's blog for years, it's actually one of my favorites.  She is just hilarious, so I was excited when she wrote a book.  It did not disappoint.
Dane had a blast at the playground.  There were several little boys there his age, and they hit it off and had so much fun together.  I let him play for a long time.  Got out all that crazy energy he had.

Saturday Dane had tee-ball practice that morning.  I was feeling a bit under the weather, so the boys went and did that while I tried to sleep off my head cold.  It was so pretty outside that we didn't want to waste the day.  Kevin was getting rowdy, so I decided to take him to the park.  :)

HA! We spent a while at the park.  Dane is a psycho swinger.  He wants you to push him.  And he wants to be at the highest point immediately.  He just yells HIGHER HIGHER over and over.  You can never get him high enough.  Oh, it's exhausting.  But, the kid loves to swing.  So, you do what you can.  Ha
He is OBSESSED with his shadow.  Remember him at the soccer games.  Well, the shadow is back.  He is crazy.  Ha  His last tee-ball practice the shadow was out, and he was distracted when it wasn't his turn to do the skills.  We asked him why he was watching his shadow.  He said "well, I want it to stop following me".  Hilarious.

It was all fun and games till the boys decided that they wanted to play tag.  Dane's running from Kevin screaming and giggling.  Both boys were wearing baseball hats.  Kevin yells to Dane to watch where he was running because Dane tends to run with his head down.  And then it happens... Kevin is running and next thing I know he takes out a metal rod with his head.  Hard.  I heard his head hit, but I thought it was hand because I wasn't looking in that direction, and turn and see Kevin on the ground.  At first, I thought Kevin was kidding.  That he had pretended to hit the bar and fell to make Dane laugh.  But he doesn't get up.  Yeah, he had a fight with a metal bar.  And the bar won.  His head was bleeding in 3 spots, and there was a big knot and scraped up spots.  What on earth just happened??? His head got tore up! He wouldn't let me take a picture of it.  Meanwhile Dane is still yelling at Kevin to come tag him.  Ha
womp womp. So, the party was over.
But, I knew something would make Kevin feel better...
First batch of the season for him.  So, went to Willie's and sat on the patio and had appetizers and Kevin had crawfish while Dane played in the sand pit.  We really enjoyed the weather.  I don't know what it is about the sand pit.  But those kids love it. Not my thing, but it kept Dane occupied for the entire time we were there.  It let us sit and relax and actually hold a real convo.  So, I'm all about restaurants with sand pits!

Saturday evening we hung out on our back patio listening to music, playing Ruzzle (which is so addicting by the way... download that game!!), letting Dane play outside etc.  Nice quiet evening.
Dane put on his boots and grabbed his rifle to "shoot" some birds.

Sunday after church we spent the day outside again.  Doing the same kind of thing.  We went to Gringos and let Dane play while we sat outside snacking on chips and queso.  Just enjoyed the day and the weather and we didn't want to be cooped up in the house.

As I watched Dane play in the "hut", I decided that I really needed a vacation!! I could really use a vacation with maybe a private hut with pretty water and drinks with little umbrellas.  Hmm..  That would be great.  Sunday evening we were lazy, I got caught up on all my recorded tv shows.  And we have done nothing too crazy.  But, it was a nice relaxing weekend.  I really enjoyed it! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Showing some love

It's been a week full of love.  
An explosion of hearts everywhere.  And I've loved every minute of it. 
We had a great Valentine's Day/week.  
We spent the early part of the week addressing valentine's.  I made Dane write his name on all of them, but I wrote "my friend" on all the envelopes.  
 I made some cute lunches for Dane this week.  The picture below I took from pinterest because I forgot to take a picture of the ones I made, but it looked pretty similar.  Heart hot dogs, and heart cut out sandwiches, and pink cookies for dessert.  
 We had heart pancakes for breakfast one day, and Dane loved it.  
 We made pink mint chocolate chip cookies for valentine treats for Dane's teachers and the office staff at his school.  
Dane had a valentine party at his school on Thursday, and I was able to go to it because I was off that day.  He was so happy that I was there, which always makes going even better.  
The kids got to pass out their valentine's to each of their classmates.  Dane was so funny because he was adamant to give each kid their "correct" valentine. He would ask me when holding up a card if it said that particular kid's name who he was in front of.  I tried telling him that they were all the same, that they all said friend on it.  Then he would ask his friend.  What letters are in your name? And the kid would actually spell their name, and Dane would look at the card confused.  Funny I tell you.  It took a little bit of convincing him to just pass them out.  They are all the same.  
Isn't his box beautiful?? Ha  
His teacher said she had to coax him into putting paint and glitter and hearts on it.  He said it was all girl colors, and he wanted blue paint and hearts to put on his box.  Oh man.    

Dane making the trip around.  He was a riot.
Looking through the envelopes on how to spell that kid's name.

ooohhh candy!

I had our formal dining room decorated when Dane got out of school and Kevin got home from work.  I'm a dork, I know.  But, I wanted it to be fun when they got home. 

 I made some yummy v-day treats like cupcakes and pink lemonade.

 Nothing says love like heart ice cubes.  Yep. 

And of course, had some fun goodies for my boys.  I found a little heart lego set that was perfect.  Dane LOVED it.  It opened up where he can hide small lego pieces in.  

 Fun v-day candy is always fun too. 

 My boys knew I was desperate for a day at the spa, so got me a gift card.  Looking forward to that.

 Legos is seriously Dane's love language.  So, this little v-day heart was GREAT!!! Tiny lil package, not a whole lot of pieces but perfect for a v-day gift.

 Dane had been telling me ALL WEEK that he was going to make me a V-Day card.  It came as a surprise to Kevin, and after Dane literally talked it about it EVERY DAY he figured he better get on that!  I love it.  Dane told me exactly what the card was going to look like because he's terrible with secrets.  Ha

 Of course, I have to add a lil homemade gift to the mix. 

I got Dane this lego necklace.   He has a piece and I have a piece and together it makes a heart.  Super cheesy, but I thought it was cute, and he really liked it.  He keeps asking me if I'm wearing my piece.  

Eternity love bracelets.  
 Also found these lego men crayons that I thought were super cute.  
 We ended the night with some heart pasta, and heart calzones and an overdose of sugar.  

Perfect Valentine's Day for my little family of 3.